Blade Runner: Deleted and Alternate Scenes

Blade Runner: Deleted and Alternate Scenes

A newly-assembled narrative of 24 deleted and alternate scenes from the film Blade Runner (1982), presented as an abridged version of the film itself.

A newly-assembled narrative of 24 deleted and alternate scenes from the film Blade Runner (1982), presented as an abridged version of the film itself. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Michael H (it) wrote: The interviews with Benjamin Murmelstein are fascinating. The readings by Claude Lanzmann, shot in pertinent locations, less so. The cinematography stumbles (metaphorically) in attempting to replicate the long advancing and retreating tracking shots that dominated the look of SHOAH, but with handheld cameras. It's just not the same. Good history here, but room for improvement as a movie.

James D (nl) wrote: Billy Zane ... How can you go wrong? Actually Zane was good ... the rest of the cast looked like they were reading cue cards. What I can say ... better than 2 and 3.

Daniel G (br) wrote: This movie focuses on being too over the top, which is not bad if it's done intentionally. Ridiculous one-liners and action scenes, together with little plot, is what makes this self-aware movie an overall fun ride.

Akash S (ru) wrote: Moodysson's first critically acclaimed film, 'Fucking Amal', aka 'Show Me Love', is a poignant, funny and heartwarming tale about teenage love, and the associated fear of not getting it reciprocated. It also shows peer pressure, and how it limits people from being themselves. The ending to the story is quite inspiring and delightful.The actors playing the two lead protagonists are young and talented; they properly capture the emotions teenagers go through in their states of love, despair and helplessness. The characters around these two are also quite interesting, and they've been developed well too (like Agnes' father, Elin's sister, and Johan). These supporting actors also give commendable performances.Being in love, and often thinking we're the only ones going through it, can really be a lonely feeling. The most beautiful aspect of the movie is that it isn't the usual teenage romance clich, and is set in such real world and emotions; most people could easily relate to at least one of the two leads.The pale-coloured cinematography and the documentary-style close-ups helps us get drawn into the lives of these characters. The editing is perfect; it keeps the movie short, simple and well-paced.

Ryan S (ag) wrote: Great film, really missed its chance to be released in the US.

Daniel P (ca) wrote: An outstanding performance from Russell Crowe together with kinetic visuals and a sublime soundtrack are significant pluses to this thriller concerning Australian neo-Nazi skinheads. However, as with (to a lesser extent) American History X, the lack of a substantial voice to the other side troubles me (though it certainty wouldn't be true to say that the film glamourises the gangs), and the tone eventually becomes wearying. I get the feeling the editing has been just a little too severe, to the overall detriment of the film.

John K (kr) wrote: It's criminal that the uncut version hasn't been released in the US. Don't judge the movie by the shortened US version.

Shay S (it) wrote: Alex in thing ever!

Erin L (ru) wrote: Awesome movie! Can't wait for the DVD!

K G (ag) wrote: Too Hollywood for what started off as an Aussie Classic