Blair Witch

Blair Witch

Students on a camping trip discover something sinister is lurking beyond the trees.

A young man and his friends venture into the Black Hills Forest in Maryland to uncover the mystery surrounding his missing sister who many believe is connected to the legend of the Blair Witch, only to who many believe is connected to the legend of the Blair Witch. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Nick U (ru) wrote: 12/22/16 Netflix DVDThis was an OK movie with a very interesting person to portray. However, it is difficult to tell the story of a man who won 111 fights, 4 Championships and fought until he was 50. It does capture his early life which formed his persona, attitude and world view. The boxing was pretty much centered around his 2 fights with Ray Leonard and those who don't know more will think his No Mas was the central point of his career. If you want to know about Duran, read the book.

The Movie W (ca) wrote: Louhimies latest Helsinki set film features an Altman-esque tableau of intersecting characters and plot-lines. Amongst them are an American visiting the city on business, a junkie couple struggling to pay off a thug, a 16 year old who will "do anything" for fame, a bullied Russian immigrant boy, a couple whose marriage is falling apart, a schoolboy whose only friend is his dog, a father who projects his body issues onto his teenage son, and a young single mother undergoing chemotherapy.Finland often tops European surveys regarding suicide rates and, if 'Naked Harbour' is anything to go by, it's easy to see why. Practically every character is undergoing some form of abject misery and at times the film is genuinely heart-breaking, particularly the story-lines dealing with children. Louhimies seems to employ the American character, (played unconvincingly by Brit Pertwee. Couldn't the character have just as easily been British?), as a means of providing Finnish audiences with a way of viewing their society through an outsider's eyes. Aside from the liberal attitude to sex, the issues on display are quite universal. If Louhimies think's only Finns are obsessed with reality shows, he's kidding himself.The cast, Pertwee excepted, are all fantastic and, as a sometimes amusing, sometimes shocking, glimpse into contemporary Finnish society, it's at times fascinating. Unfortunately the script lets it down at times and could have used a rewrite or two. Some of the plot-lines are given more prominence than others and most of them seem to just fade out rather than conclude in a satisfying manner. I've seen Louhimies accused of misogyny throughout his prolific career and, on the evidence of 'Naked Harbour', such accusations may not be unfounded. The female characters are all either incredibly dumb or absolute bitches. Most of them appear to indulge in some level of prostitution, though this could be purely down to poor writing.

Jeff S (nl) wrote: Pretty good comedy from Seth Rogen and co.

Stephen J (br) wrote: The film is overly political, excessively liberal, needlessly dark, and unfairly biased. The movie is stirring despite its blatant anti-American theme and will certainly cause lively debate between audiences on both sides of the aisle. However, Tommy Lee Jones and Cherize Theron portray believable characters and do so very well. Of special note is Tommy Lee Jones' performance, who performs surprisingly well as a mourning father who is able to conduct a better investigation than the local police. The plot is good, the character development is done well, but the anti-American and anti-military theme is heavy-handed. Rent it, don't buy it.

Amy H (fr) wrote: Interesting and thrilling and wanting more! It was initially a bit weird and boring but as the story revealed itself it was very captivating. Interesting way to present the story.

Giuseppe P (ca) wrote: Un film sul silenzio. Sul linguaggio del corpo, che prevale su chi si ostina a voler gridare e spendere fiumi di parole. Dunque, un film asiatico. Molto apprezzato in occidente ma kim ki-duk ha fatto anche meglio.

Matthias (ru) wrote: Usually, I don't care that much if a movie is slow paced, but this time, I needed a lot of effort to bear it. Dark and dry, some funny, awkward moments, but if there were not someone who told me I have to watch it to the end because the ending is hilarious, I wouldn't have. But the ending is hilarious indeed.

Tim W (kr) wrote: A realistic film shot in estate Glasgow with poor kids trying to climb up the food chain with all they might. The plot synopsis is somewhat misleading as the teenage girl has already given birth to a young son.

Matt C (nl) wrote: Genius idea, great cast, beautifully shot, decent plot, but it still feels something is missing.In dreams starts off well and slowly drifts into a dream in the middle, leaving you wondering where it's all going but then comes back for a decent ending that leaves you wishing the rest had been as good.

Stephen V (jp) wrote: One of the most gripping and best movies you'll ever see. Ed Norton's performance is incredibly powerful.

Jeremiah (au) wrote: I'm not sure exactly what it is about this flick but I just can't ever seem to get enough of it.

Kirstie R (br) wrote: David Tennant was born to play Hamlet. I usually don't go for modern renditions of Shakespeare plays, but I thought this one was well done. They kept the language and let it speak for itself instead of trying to modernize Shakespeare's language, which usually ends up being a total disaster.

Hank S (es) wrote: Let's be honest, I love John Wayne. Additionally I LOVE Lauren Bacall. So how could I not love this movie. Neat story, good action, great acting. I watch it every time it's on.

tinna m (au) wrote: Made me feel sorry for the military.

Neil R (nl) wrote: Slight but affecting drone wars critique.

Sam H (it) wrote: I don't dislike this movie because I'm not a stoner and I don't play video games. I dislike this movie because it blows.

Rob P (kr) wrote: I remember the trailer for this being quirky and different, with a good cast. It was actually quite boring. The quirky bits almost felt improvised. Maybe I didn't get it because I'm not a stoner...

Camille L (br) wrote: Un an aprs le trs mdiocre The Great Outdoors, John Hughes retrouve John Candy et l'envoie seul la tte d'Uncle Buck, une comdie familiale franchement drle et sympathique, que l'acteur regrett domine de la tte et des paules. Sans verser dans l'motion surfaite des films de Hughes post-Breakfast Club, Uncle Buck reste plutt touchant grce d'excellents seconds rles comme Macauley Culkin et un scnario qui vite les strotypes Hughesiens. Sa mise en scne est toujours aussi habile dans la comdie, trs rythme. Quant la bande-son d'Ira Newborn, elle est comme d'habitude adquate. Assurment, Uncle Buck n'est peut tre pas aussi ambitieux que les autres films de John Hughes, mais il est un des plus russis.

Ibrahim A (jp) wrote: I don't know why I love "Flashbacks of a Fool" so much, maybe because of Daniel Craig's powerful performance, or it is the feeling of nostalgia that this movie provides.

Dave A (ru) wrote: One of my favorites.