Blake of Scotland Yard

Blake of Scotland Yard

A 15 episode serial in which Blake battles the "Scorpion" over possession of a 'death ray' machine.

Sir James Blake has retired from Scotland Yard so that he can assist his niece Hope and her friend Jerry in developing an apparatus they have invented. Sir James thinks that their invention... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Blake of Scotland Yard torrent reviews

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Jeremy H (mx) wrote: This movie is a train wreck. I think it could've been a decent movie but the acting is truly terrible, like hard to watch terrible.

Epifania A (br) wrote: Promising opening sequences, but mediocre to the end.

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Billie W (au) wrote: This is what would happen if I ever tried to be a maid.

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Vincent P (nl) wrote: Touches on a lot of subjects that most 50s flicks wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole... or would've sanitized like Lysol was buy one, get one half off. Gotta give Five some credit. It shows some hutzpah in dealing with themes of race, sex, life and death.

S G (fr) wrote: Les Enfants Terribles was my first Cocteau film, soon (I hope) to be followed by Orphe. Though not technically a Cocteau film in its entirety, as it was directed by Melville, it is said that the influence Cocteau exerted over the film was not limited to mere script writing or narration; in fact, he played a major role in the casting process, and presumably added more than a few directorial touches to the film.I have to say that from the very opening, the film gives the impression of a universe within a universe, at the same time integrated in and separated from the world we know. It?s not so much through the power of the two protagonists that we are transported into this special place, but through that of the magic spell weaved by the cinematography, with its deep shadows and silver sheens, and the music, with its undulating, hypnotic accords that seems bent on whisking you away to a place only known by them. Back to the two protagonists, the two brothers living closely together, sharing a room and a world of their own, where the meaningless becomes meaningful and all worldly coordinates as the others perceive them are thrown off balance. The driving force of this universe is Elisabeth, she is the one who sets everything in motion and who magnetically draws everyone near, but the center of her world is her brother Paul. Together, the two form an impenetrable and, to outsiders, difficult to understand whole, to which though, the former are drawn in an overtly tragic manner. To the two siblings, everything is possible, not because it is made possible through a series of means, but simply because it is. Elisabeth is from the beginning, as revealed through both her actions on screen and narration, a favorite of the narrator. The adjectives used to describe her, the way she is portrayed set the scene to her becoming the perfect tragic heroine. She is proud, passionate, fearless, in opposition to her brother who is described as feeble, weak, effeminate, character traits which will, in the end, bring forth their downfall.The film is riddled with beautiful sequences, some illustrating the playful childishness of the character, some dreamlike, eerie and almost magic, but throughout the whole film, even in the lightest of moments, the feeling that there is more than meets the eye is ever present.The problems I had with the film consist mostly of some scenes and relationships which I felt were poorly developed. I read a review of the Ashes of Time Redux by Roger Ebert a while back, and in that review he was making the point (paraphrased very loosely here) that sometimes an author can get into the heads of their characters in such way that they lose focus of what they are or aren?t rendering on screen. I might be sorely mistaken but it somehow seemed to me that it was a bit the case here. Some of the scenes and relationships weren?t properly set up, and details were left to the voice over to be filled up. Now this could very well have been an attempt of centering the film on the two protagonists, but in a few instances, this happened in situations that were precisely trying to establish and illustrate reports from within the aforementioned universe of the two protagonists, so with that in mind, I have to stick to the idea that the film would have been better served by the better development of a few scenes.Overall, a beautiful, tragic film, which I will most likely be thinking about for a while to come.

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