A black and white silent movie, based on the Snow White fairy tale, that is set in a romantic version of 1920s Seville and centered on a female bullfighter.

Set in a romantic vision of 1920s Andalusia, the movie centers on a female bullfighter who never knows her birth mother and is hated by her evil stepmother. One day she ran away with a troupe of dwarves, and became a legend. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Blancanieves torrent reviews

Kerrie C (es) wrote: Good story, quite scary in places.

Stuart M (mx) wrote: Better than reviews would suggest but it does dare question military thinking :0

Mike V (de) wrote: This film expressed the point that sharing a common language may not enough to foster communication between two people. Miscommunication and misunderstandings abound in this ultimately quiet, sad movie.

Rylan P (jp) wrote: Spectacular audio/visual feast but some what hard to follow.

Eliabeth M (it) wrote: If you're female you will very likely completely understand and love this movie and feel great sympathy for the main character, if your a man (it seems) you won't quite understand it so completely but you'll probably quite like it - my husband liked it, but I loved it! where are all Zoe Cassavetes other movies??

Mickey D (ru) wrote: THIS MOVIE IS LOL FUNNY

Joe H (kr) wrote: Starting to go downhill...............

Andy S (kr) wrote: tragically underappreciated.

Jesus H (nl) wrote: if you like baseball movies, you'll like this one

Dalton G (kr) wrote: Definitely one of my favorite Christmas movies of all time. Jim Carey absolutely shines in this role. The script is engaging and heartwarming, the characters are memorable, and the soundtrack is timeless.

Carrie T (mx) wrote: Knight and Day has enough star power to keep the film going, but the film doesn't have enough charisma to keep it memorable.

Parker R (gb) wrote: This film thrives on its countless cliches to keep its sloppy script stuck together, and the substandard special effects add nothing to the tediousness.

Daniel P (kr) wrote: Masterfully directed and excellently acted, The King's Speech is an entertaining and moving film.