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Stacey O (it) wrote: Cute Christmas rom-com

Panayiotis P (it) wrote: A tiring movie with 30 explosive minutes in the end. I believe that the director failed miserably since in most scenes he produced a monotonous movie. Had it not been for the last 30 explosive minutes then we would be talking about a major failure. I can't really recommend it unless you're a fan of the particular martial arts scene.

David G (ca) wrote: Wow!!! For those who don't know... You need to watch. Black woman please watch and learn.

Cristian S (mx) wrote: ye scoundrels you have no idea of valuing movies

Jeff S (ru) wrote: Tried way way too hard to be edgy. Stupid movie. Still a big fan of Evan Rachel Wood, though.

Talitha B (fr) wrote: Not bad, not bad! Tried watching it without subtitles, which was less difficult than I thought.

Ryan V (kr) wrote: Early Arnie flick where he teams up with a Woody Allen-esque rube named Pretzie. Pretzie is a pretzel salesman you see, hence the name. Only for the most ardent of Schwarzenegger fans.

Josh C (ru) wrote: Unfortunetly for me, I saw this on a 35mm that was poorly projected so 2/3rds of the subtitles were cut off and since I am not fluent in Spanish, that made things a little hard to follow. That said I still enjoyed this movie. I think with seeing it correctly projected would enhance my enjoyment a lot but still the poor projection didn't mean I could not see the beauty and politically charged message of this ICAIC film. Third world cinema (including Cuban Cinema) produce some very good films and this is one of the best of that vast genre.

Rhys G (de) wrote: Filmed with such truth and audacity, Resnais masterly delivers guilt and memory - and how they entwine - without caring about employing the usual tropes to entertain an audience.

Kace C (ru) wrote: Heaven Knows What [US, 2015] Raw and natural. This film is so truthful and alive, it breathes on its own. 8/10

Cameron F (es) wrote: Lee directs this crime thriller about a bank heist. Again, Lee's pacing is an issue as the second half bogs down slower than grandmother's caddy.

Dan L (de) wrote: Generic and mediocre in execution.

Connor G (au) wrote: No comedy is good enough to be over two and a half hours long, and this was one that got really dragged out. There were a couple good moments near the beginning, but then they used too similar of gags all throughout the rest, and it got boring.