Blank Generation

Blank Generation

Nada, a beautiful French journalist on assignment in New York, records the life and work of an up and coming punk rock star, Billy. Soon she enters into a volatile relationship with him and must decide whether to continue with it, or return to her lover, a fellow journalist trying to track down the elusive Andy Warhol.

Nada, a beautiful French journalist on assignment in New York, records the life and work of an up and coming punk rock star, Billy. Soon she enters into a volatile relationship with him and... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Bindu C (ag) wrote: Ezhu Sundara Rathrikal (??? ?????? ????????) is a sequence of unpredictable events that unfolds during a course of seven days and nights of a bridegroom-in-waiting. It depicts how his life is tossed over when he happens to meet his ex-flame once again before his D'day.Aby Mathew (Dileep) is an ad film-maker who is about to marry his model Ann (Parvathy Nambiar). Aby throws a bachelors party for his bunch of friends viz. Abid (Harishree Ashokan), Franco (Tiny Tom), Daisy (Praveena) and a few others just seven days before the marriage. Through Abid, Aby learns of his ex-flame Sini's (Reema Kallinga) presence in the same city with whom he had a fall-out just a few days before their marriage. An inebriated Aby decides to go to Sini to invite her for his marriage. Sini talks high of her husband Alex (Murli Gopy), a boxer, with whom she has a son as well. Aby also boasts of his fiance. The events take an ugly turn when Aby and Sini's paths cross again and again. The duo sets out hazy attempts to retrace their steps and discover where things go wrong. But the audience gets clueless till almost the end of the movie in connecting various events happening. The script falls flat in terms of justifying why a character is behaving in a particular manner. There is a hurried attempt at the last 15 minutes of the movie which seems to project forced connections amongst various people and events.Director Lal Jose tries to explore the hollowness of relationships in this movie but somewhere gets lost in the maze of people entangled in the same. Cinematography by Pradessh Varma is good in certain frames. Music disappoints. Overall, the movie and its subject could have been handled in a much better manner.

Ben P (ag) wrote: Shocking and compelling. A searing indictment of corruption within the FBI and the U.S. Justice Department.

Samantha H (de) wrote: words cannot describe how much I loved this film! I did not think it would be better then the first but it was!!! Great cast, great fight scenes and an awesome story! love this film!!

Aoife S (ag) wrote: Not bad! Stuck fairly true to the book!!

Dee S (br) wrote: ZERO STARS! This movie was seventeen kinds of stupid. There goes another two hours of my life I'll never get back :(

Robert W (au) wrote: please play this every Christmas!! and the others that followed

Alejandro R (ag) wrote: There are elements of this film that really come together nicely to create an experience of a man's journey reluctantly seeking something he may have inadvertently created years ago, but more importantly, never really wanted. In the end the entire journey may be someone manipulating him, but the journey does cause him to reconsider his life and values, so it may wind up not being a complete waste of time as he originally thought. He's left at a crossroad. Great soundtrack that really adds something to the film. Some really funny moments also. Lolita was great! ;-) Cast was all around very good. This film does have a certain mood to it that's a bit more subdued and contemplative. The different elements of the film are designed to create that kind of feel and so it's not an energetic film by any means, but it's not intended to be. It's a reluctant inward journey with some good comedic moments thrown in. Was very much worth watching, but you may need to be in a mood somewhat consistent with that of the film to "get into it."

Bloodmarsh K (de) wrote: In this film, Gacy is portrayed as some fat bumbling retard - in ''To Catch a Killer'' Gacy is portrayed as an intelligent, untouchable monster. If the Gacy in this film, is the real Gacy, I'd rather not know. The intelligent, untouchable monster is always the more interesting view, especially when it comes to serial killers.

Jason J (ca) wrote: A great British Disney film. All round entertainment for the whole family.

Brianne V (ca) wrote: Very cute movie! :)

Green M (kr) wrote: it's ok not the perfect Andrew Does good In the sam movies i didn't like how the webs come outta his Hands I like the web shooters better in this flim