Four high school friends believe the local myth that developer Swenson killed a kid for trespassing years earlier and got away with it. When one of the four friends disappears, the remaining three believe Swenson killed their friend and they take revenge. When their friend then shows up alive they must deal with the consequences of crossing the harsh line that separates fantasy from reality.

Four teenagers pull a prank that goes awry. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sreekiran M (mx) wrote: It is a thriller that sinks soon as the film ends.... A good idea poorly demonstrated. Except the performances, writing and direction lacks the punch it had in the first half. Plot wavers around and horror elements does not strike a chord. The climax is somewhat bizarre.

Jenna R (de) wrote: Loved this, funny and real...great acting and screenplay as well!!

Cesar C (nl) wrote: Gabourney Sidibe gave truly a great performance in this more-often real story than we would care to admit. Very interesting interjections written into the script that gave it an alternative touch.

l i n d (br) wrote: I hate the way Kay Panabaker goes around talking to "herself", but this movie is kind of cute. I think Jason Dolley was the reason why I liked it - well, I'm actually pretty sure of that. I also liked the role Nick Whitaker played.

Joseph H (jp) wrote: I dont care to watch.

Lola L (ag) wrote: one of my most favoriates

Crystal L (ru) wrote: Add a review (optional)...

Roberto B (us) wrote: Titolo italiano: Racconto d'autunno

rana f (au) wrote: i love this movie.........

Al M (nl) wrote: A solid follow-up to the B-movie original, Puppet Master II adopts a haunted house/slasher set-up in which its puppets and their master can enact carnage upon the "main characters." Stupid? Yes! But also thoroughly entertaining for fans of B-level horror cinema.

Afal S (es) wrote: A 'small' French film worth a hundred 'big' American Rom-Coms. Monsieur Hire is like Rear Window, as the person below me stated. But whereas Rear Window is, like most Hitchcock, an exercise in voyeurism that is imbued with the fascination and thrill of film, Patrice Leconte's Monsieur Hire is a more intimate and deeper reflection on unrequited love and the forlorn desire that feeds voyeurism.Michel Blanc is affecting as the tragic, maligned Monsieur Hire. He is suitably put-upon and downtrodden, but avoids the easy option of making Hire a victim. Rather Blanc finds the strange, almost sinister power within Hire, as well as his sense of pathos. Sandrine Bonnaire is similarly brilliant. She brings a sense of unusual depth and understanding to her role as the double-crossing local beauty who is the object of Monsieur Hire's affection. As a director, Leconte reveals the great depths within the story with a deft touch that side-steps mawkishness and sentimentality. Moreover, his recreation of postwar France seems wonderfully convincing. Last but not least, Monsieur Hire has my favourite Nyman soundtrack. Having heard the music many times before finally seeing the film, I felt on seeing it that I had already experienced its striking emotional tones in his music, such is the power of its expression.

Megan S (ca) wrote: Okay this is in general a bad movie, flat out bad. falls into the same place as Curse of the Cannibal Confederates when it comes to unintentional humour. The turtle scene gave it that extra one and a half stars.

Kyle M (us) wrote: It's one of those sports movies with good spirits that are a little at the high level with little uplifts and dramatic Best Picture quality-type moments; and it's also one of those movies that are hard to follow with its characters and a bit on its good plot. (B+)(Full review coming soon - with better wording probably)

Joanne M (gb) wrote: I like cartoon movie's and found this one very good, I recommend it for any child.

Puneet B (ag) wrote: Saw it and loved it. Finally a Bollywood movie that makes sense and is still entertaining.

Ricky P (br) wrote: Heartbreaking and touching yet still heartfelt. Snoopy, Come Home is a wonderful outing for the world's favorite beagle and adds a colorful catchy soundtrack