Former cop Jake 'Tiger' Sharp returns to his old hometown after having been in prison for the murder of his wife's killer. Illegal hunting seems to be widespread and inbred rednecks control the city with an iron fist. Jake manages to make himself an enemy to hillbillies and he and his newly found daughter had to flee for their lives. Fortunately, Jake a GAT that can shoot grenades and rockets ...

A former policeman sets out to unleash violent vengeance upon deer poachers when they rape and kill his long lost daughter. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Blastfighter torrent reviews

ScubaSteve Walter M (it) wrote: Started out with lots of amusing humor. But this only lasted for the first half of the movie, in the end it still boils down to the classic Filipino drama, unending monologues of pretentious family issues. Geez....

Private U (fr) wrote: Just because you can doesn't mean you should....STOP IT!!!!

Connor G (br) wrote: A very solid adaptation of a Lovecraft story, which are few and far between. While not always true to the plot, it was always true to the tone of Lovecraft.

Khoi N (mx) wrote: I want to watch this movie so much. It is a GREAT prequel of Ultraman Nexus.

Nilufer R (it) wrote: Probably one of Richard Gere's most challanging roles but he does good. The story is nice, moving yet slow. Got funny parts too. A sunday tv movie.

Ceph J (us) wrote: A talky movie (based on a play) that gives us a good performance by Jack Lemmon as a popular priest and Zelijko Ivanek as a young seminarian who gives TMI. The movie is supposed to be about honesty vs deceit, and idealism vs pragmatism. However, I wanted to slap Ivanek since his decisions are foolish and self-serving. Not telling the truth can be diplomatic too. Lemmon plays an alcoholic but his performance in "Days Of Wines and Roses" was much deeper. Charles Durning plays the villain (homophobic autocrat) and we have no idea why he has a stick up his ass. The movie teeters between light drama and religious drama. It gets slightly boring towards the end since the characters are supposed to influence each other but we, the audience, feels like we know them since they are stock characters.

Caysie D (gb) wrote: for some reason, I just love this movie. I think because I want to run away into the wilderness... but it is a good 1980's Chicago movie too. Belushi is great in this movie.

Amechi A (nl) wrote: Underated and bashed unfairly!! Great insite into the inner workings of the space program. Most accurate movie about manned space until Apollo 13.

James C (us) wrote: a movie that pulls the sheet off the pit of racism. it reflects whiteskin privilege and white guilt at the same time, watch it a take a stroll down the dark side of memory lane. well worth it.

Dave R (ag) wrote: some parts of this i liked but on the whole it wasn't very good. a story about 3 brothers that's full of cliches.

Kyle John N (nl) wrote: This movie was made in the early 90's for that this movie is a great action movie the era everyone was in me as a child this was one of the first movies I seen. It's a lot better than number 3 its fun to watch easy to enjoy