Blazing Barriers

Blazing Barriers

Two young hoods from the city are sent to a Civilian Conservation Corps camp in the mountains to try to turn them away from the life of crime they're headed for.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:65 minutes
  • Release:1937
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:escape,   murder,   robbery,  

Two young hoods from the city are sent to a Civilian Conservation Corps camp in the mountains to try to turn them away from the life of crime they're headed for. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Norm d (br) wrote: + As a film, not great - but interesting for the times, a time when the red state chickens have elected a wolf from the den to guard against the wolves raiding the hen houses. The worst problem of the film? The climax is not climactic after a long build. Realistic maybe, but not filmic. + The Rush Limbaugh character-type was excellent & revealing. Toni Colette was good casting. Can't decide about Radcliffe. The cinematography was substandard. + Worth a look, but not as good as it should've been.

Richie W (fr) wrote: Vivid with imagination and quirky little ideas, funny and simply charming.

Joseph O (jp) wrote: This was ok . Just an average wrestling documentary. Nothing special. I did not learn much from watching this. With the heavy influence of NWS it seemed like other documentary's I have seen. I never cared much for Trent Acid , thus seeing this shed no better light on him for me. If you are a die hard indie wrestling fan this will do nothing for you. But if you are a casual indy fan then you will probably enjoy this.

Phil H (us) wrote: The first and only film which has nothing to do with Charles Band! thusly it has been said to not be cannon within the franchise.You can see the difference with this film straight away with the production values clearly a lot higher. There is an obvious glossy shine to this which is well above the usual low budget look. This doesn't mean its any good though, sure its not a bad film and it is better than some of the earlier Band films but there is nothing special here.Corey Feldman is the great grand nephew of 'Toulon' ('Robert Toulon') in this which is a neat bit of casting but why on earth they dyed his hair greyish and introduced a daughter that's clearly the same age as him I don't know. I realise this isn't a serious film but but at least be somewhat sensible.Vanessa Angel is the villain who is after the secret of 'Toulon' and the puppets which serve his great grand nephew. She also has to please a demon called 'Bael' who she has made a deal with to make all toys come to life and be evil in exchange for 'Robert Toulon's' life and soul. Oh and she has the Demonic Toys on her side also.The plot is quite well thought out and does cover a lot more which I can't be bothered to mention here, but it does of course conflict with the Puppet Master franchise from Band I believe.Its not bloody or gory and of course not very scary, more an off the wall 'Tales from the Crypt' type film. Some reasonable effects and makeup but nothing outstanding and some fun colourful puppet vs toys battles which look cheesy, all part of the charm. One thing I noticed and that was the puppets of 'Puppet Master' didn't look quite as good as usual. Clearly a minor difference in quality seeing as this wasn't anything to do with Band so the puppets weren't the originals or made by the same people. The Demonic Toys looked pretty good though.

Leong C (ca) wrote: Seldom come across this kinda smart flick...

Jack W (br) wrote: Home Alone 3 takes things even more far fetched and unbelievable with it's international criminal bad guys. At best - it's slightly tolerable.

Sheeny C (au) wrote: Terrible film will make you wonder why the hell you watched it

Anne C (mx) wrote: Another favorite Bette Davis movie. Great cast of characters, especially Lola Lane.

David W (us) wrote: Though it has a messy narrative, Gangs Of New York is unique in it's production and Daniel Day-Lewis as the menacing Bill The Butcher

Anthony L (mx) wrote: Horrible Bosses puts the comedy before the story and is all the better for it. Nothing gets too silly and the comedy lies in the performances and the subtle script, making it quite a relief as I had expected the worst if I'm being honest. It's probably not quite a 4 star film but damn it, I'm going to give it 4 anyway because i liked it and it made me laugh - good work everyone involved.

Jack S (br) wrote: Check out the director's cut, much better flick