After trying a mysterious drug, young artist Sai enters a dreamlike space and develops a thirst for blood. As Sai's cravings grow, she unwittingly attracts a dimensional vampire trying to cross over into the real world.

Sai, a young artist living in a downtown warehouse delves into an ancient world of blood and lust. An enigmatic foreigner seduces her to try a long forgotten drug making her the prey of a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Bled torrent reviews

Pablo E (us) wrote: Debut direccional de Angelina Jolie dedicada a uno de los pases que lleva en su corazn, Bosnia. Una historia de amor imposible en la poca del conflicto de los Balcanes es esta pelcula, quien nos muestra cmo la guerra y lo peor que ella trae puede separar a 2 personas que en otra realidad se habran amado.

Lewis P (es) wrote: Noel Clarke has written and directed a brilliant action-drama but it's no where near as good as Kidulthood. Brilliant cast but its a much slower film compared to the first. Lacks in action and excitement and by far the best character Adam Deacon wasnt his lovable self. He was an arrogant cock who wasnt funny and was pissing everyone off in the film. Still a great watch and a good edition to the franchise.

MarcAlexander T (it) wrote: Who says you can't learn anything watching porn! On suggestion of my BF, we went to see this documentary about the first big (gay) porn star of America, his childhood, his growing up in the conservative 50s and 60s and his way to the top (and bottem) of the (adult) film world. Against my expectations an interesting and personal view of a figure one might normally just put off as buff and stupid and leave at that. Still, also a lot of silliness and brow-raising commentaries on scenes which might better have been left uncommented.

Jj S (us) wrote: See, this is why guys don't like chick flicks. This one is not even worth suffering through just to get laid later on. So boring that I got up to pee and then wandered into another room without realizing it. A couple hours later I went back to find my laptop to order some food and only then remembered I'd been watching a movie. So bland, generic, predictable that even the great Diane Lane and John Cusack couldn't save it. Some of the worst writing I've ever seen, and that's saying a lot with all the clunkers I've seen over the years.

Travis F (ru) wrote: Suffers immensely from a disjointed and unfocused script, supplemented by poor directing.


Jennifer C (jp) wrote: Ok this is another film that has made me choke up in tears while watching it!

Luis C (de) wrote: one of the best film ever

Benjamin H (kr) wrote: Pretty good. Not Altman's best though, and it's not as good as the book though (obviously).

Patrick B (au) wrote: Truly harrowing and deeply disturbing. Cuts directly to the core.

Brian S (nl) wrote: Bert I. Gordon has directed a lot of "big" movies: The amazing colossal man, War of the colossal beast, Attack of the puppet people, Earth vs. the spider...But out of all of them, The Cyclops is probably the cheesiest. The camera quality is very cheap and the green screen creature effects are typical of an low budget sci-fi flick of the time. But the acting is believable, and a big part of why this movie should be watch is because it stars icon Lon Chaney Jr. Very campy and cheesy.

Mike C (ag) wrote: Ahead of its time and an important film.

Tony P (au) wrote: Excellent Anthony Mann directed Western starring his usual casting in the title roles.James Stewart is the lead hero and matches John Wayne in Western standard here.The lavish Technicolour is used to full effect and shows the US scenery to full effect.Mann as director is every bit as good as other Western directors such as John Ford.Here Stewart guides farmers to a new life across the States. However en route their food supply for the ensuing harsh winter is compromised in a distant town down river due to a gold rush that puts a greater financial value on their food stores for the new gold hunters in the town now.Stewart rescues the food whilst fighting demons from his long since criminal past.

Benjamin S (gb) wrote: Enjoyable fluff with a plot so predictable you'll be shaking your heard. BUT the score is by the incredible George and Ira Gershwin that is incredible. Judy looks lovely and her singing of "But Not For Me" will break your heart! A little bit of Mickey Rooney goes a long way, and here it is no exception, though he is a fine performer. Busby Berkley directing the "I Got Rhythm" segment and it is by far the highlight of the film.

Andrew B (us) wrote: A good movie about the Iraqi war, but with some sequences with bad acting, bad dialogue, but is miss directed in the way it talks about the sniper Mustafa, picturing him as a main protagonist whereas in the bibliography by kyle himself he is mentioned in a paragraph or two.

Brandon S (ca) wrote: The acting of Driving Miss Daisy is the highlight here from Freeman knocking it out of the park, to Tandy in a her best performance, and not to forget Ackroyd coming out of nowhere for a rare dramatic turn that complements wonderfully to the rest of the production. The message of the film has a light feel good vibe to it even though it's about age info and racism in the south from the 1950's thru the 1970's. The tone stays constant and doesn't let up even though you may feel a little underwhelmed at the anticlimactic ending.

Kenneth S (ca) wrote: Very entertaining with great characters, plot and fighting scenes! Such a good hockey film! And I'm not even into Hockey lol

Will B (ru) wrote: Strikes inspiration into those who dream big. That they should reach for the stars no matter what people tell them. If Rudy can live his dream, other people can as well.