Bleeding Heart

Bleeding Heart

Reserved yoga instructor May's peaceful, clean-living life is thrown out of balance by the arrival of her long-lost sister Shiva, a street-smart yet naive young woman trapped in an abusive relationship. May feels compelled to rescue the hapless Shiva, but she finds herself increasingly drawn out of her sedate world and deeper into Shiva's chaotic one.

Yoga instructor May finds herself behaving in ways she'd never have imagined herself, in an effort to protect her newly discovered sister, Shiva from a deadbeat boyfriend. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Matthew L (es) wrote: I finally got round to seeing Terence Davies' much-vaunted 2008 documentary, Of Time and the City last night and I was not disappointed. Such was the critical fuss surrounding its 2008 release that I wonder why it took me two years to getting round to watching it; when one considers that I have had a copy of it for the best part of a year and that it's only an hour and twenty minutes long, it starts to look like laziness. But then you have to bear in mind that a largely black-and-white, docu-biography about the city of Liverpool, memory and nostalgia isn't the easiest watch. Composed largely of archive footage of the Liverpool of the 30s, 40s, 50s and beyond, it recounts Davies' earliest memories of his family, the city and his interaction with both. Born into a working class Catholic household, the two pillars of church and class dominate much of his reminiscences, his homosexuality providing a counterpoint and much existential angst. What might have seemed like run-of-the-mill images are lent an austere splendour and genuine poignancy by a brilliantly selected soundtrack consisting of Mahler, The Swinging Blue Jeans, Bach and more. The real star of the show, however, as Mark Kermode would surely tell you, is Terence Davies' rich, baritone narration. His dense, lyrical musings reward serious thought, frequently citing as he does luminaries such as Eliot and Engels. It is exactly this serious quality that makes me want to watch it at least another time. Certainly one to catch on DVD.

Phillie E (nl) wrote: Have you ever watched 8-Mile? Or Notorious? Or Goodfellas? Or A Bronx Tale? Or anything...

Courtney P (ca) wrote: Thought it'd be good after reading the netflix synopsis, but it was terrible! One of those movies where you make yourself finish watching it because you have all that time invested, but you know you'll be dissappointed in the end.

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