Bless the Beasts & Children

Bless the Beasts & Children

Six children at a summer camp embark on a mission to save a buffalo herd from slaughter.

A group of social misfits band together and run away from summer camp. Along the way, they take up a crusade to save penned in buffaloes from a rifle club's slaughter. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Bless the Beasts & Children torrent reviews

Leonardo Malacay S (br) wrote: Los seores Duplass vuelven a mostrarnos una de esas historias familiares, cercanas y esperanzadoras....

Jon D (jp) wrote: Good family entertainment and timeless classic in my book

Ghjuvan Sebastianu G (br) wrote: un petit air de Godart, comme pour the dreamers de bertolluci

Tina J (br) wrote: girls like this movie..

S C (ca) wrote: I'm ashamed I watched this.

Calvin C (kr) wrote: A sequel that is sillier and cheesier than the first film, but less fun and more sub-par.Grade: C-

Charlie G (br) wrote: Good for the kids. Nothing spectacular

Wapi H (ru) wrote: A very unnecesary sequel...

Kevin M (es) wrote: Jeanne Bell is easy on the eyes, but her badly choreographed fights, coupled with ugly 16mm photography, are anything but. This cheapo Filipino production tries to pass off Manila as Hong Kong, populating the background with light-skinned Asian extras. Hack director Cirio Santiago can't make a female badass who goes by the name "T.N.T." compelling for more than 45 minutes, so the best thing he can come up with is a topless fight scene, where Ms. Bell periodically turns out the lights to "turn invisible". Casual racism does not make the scene work any better. To be honest, the pacing is so awful, the production values so shoddy, that it's a chore to make it through the last half of "T.N.T. Jackson". Rest assured, though, the honkeys get their comeuppance.

Real G (us) wrote: Hoooooly mackeral. You're going to have to see this film two or three times to get the full impact of it. One word describes it - Deep. I mean, really deep. The kind of film you walk away from with your head slung down going, "Dayum." The acting is top-notch and did I mention the story was deep. And nice use of symbolism in this film. :up:

Dave J (es) wrote: Wednesday, December 8, 2010 (1955) Blackboard Jungle DRAMA Glenn Ford stars as Richard, a teacher with it's intentions to reform extremely rebellious and antagonistic students without much help from anybody especially from the staff! Well intentioned because it's the first film that deals with high school delinquents like watching a stage play in some parts!! However, sometimes it's a little too over the top- and demands subtley. And in this day and age, times had really changed since then making some of the characters unrelatable that if their were any troubled child to occur could easily get a suspension and can be arrested if tresspass on school property! 2 out of 4

Koji K (es) wrote: Anodina. Se deja ver y se olvida facilmente.