Blessed And Cursed

Blessed And Cursed

When his father encounters insufferable hardship, Dwight Hawkins (real-life gospel singer Deitrick Haddon) is torn between Christian duty and his own desire to pursue his dreams as a gospel singer. But what does God really have planned for him? Sheryl Lee Ralph co-stars alongside gospel stars Karen Clark-Sheard, Kiki Sheard and Dr. Bobby Jones in this modern parable inspired by the biblical story of David and Saul.

Blessed And Cursed is a modern retelling of the dramatic Biblical account of David and Saul, it captures the plight of God's children and what the troubles that sometimes face even from within the household of faith as they set out to pursue their Divine Callings. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Blessed And Cursed torrent reviews

Philip D (fr) wrote: I lasted 5 minutes before turning it off.

Qudsiyah M (fr) wrote: Time pass! mallika can act!! n rqahul as usual is great but the secound half drags a lil!

Toni S (jp) wrote: Lovely surreal film of the amazing ordeal some people had to go through to emigrate to America about 100 years ago.

Walter F (au) wrote: watching this movie was a waste of my life

James J (it) wrote: This movie made me despise this woman whom they called Dorothy Day. ... That probably wasn't the director's intended effect.

Rose L (de) wrote: The first movie I ever saw with nudity in it. I remember being shocked and I giggled.

John C (it) wrote: Vastly underrated gem, a homage to the classic detective movies of the 1930s and 40s, oozing with style.

Bridgette F (mx) wrote: i still love this movie,an oldie but a goodie

Andrea M (br) wrote: Ahead of its time. Gritty.

Ruhan R (kr) wrote: Now how the hell am I gonna find this?

Brian A (nl) wrote: Awful ending buried what turns out to be a mediocre movie. Disappointing.