Blind Beast vs. Dwarf

Blind Beast vs. Dwarf

Monzo Kobayashi is a dime-novel writer. He goes to see the stage of Ranko Mizuki, a star of an all-girls'-operetta company known as Asakusa Revue. Monzo notices a creepy man sitting beside ...

Monzo Kobayashi is a dime-novel writer. He goes to see the stage of Ranko Mizuki, a star of an all-girls'-operetta company known as Asakusa Revue. Monzo notices a creepy man sitting beside ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Paul B (us) wrote: Cool doc on KNB Effects!

KissaHime (es) wrote: The random flashes of images and scenes were a bit distracting. At times I got a little confused of who was who, and how they were connected to each other. I wish there was more screen time for Simon Baker though.

Wendy K (ru) wrote: I was offended and I didn't laugh at any of the jokes.

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Lindsay B (ca) wrote: Haha This movie is SO embarrassing! Peter Outerbridge is great as an evil guy though, I'll give him that but the movie itself is HIDEOUS! So the 1 star is for Peter and the half is for how much I laughed during this movie.

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Eduardo C (fr) wrote: Leslie Nielsen wrestling a motherfucking Grizzly Bear.

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