An ex footballer embroiled in a scandal returns hometown clear his name and reignite an old flame

After playing overseas for 10 years, disgraced football star Tom Dunn returns to face the scandal that ripped his town apart, at the same time clear his name and reignite an old flame. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sebastian M (mx) wrote: Nice to see some progress from the United Kingdom.

Alec C (au) wrote: The film was going at a nice pace and then went tits up with the ending. Personally, I think the director was trying to be clever for his own good and failed miserably. Ray Gower showed some promisng ideas to start with, but he;s got a long way to go if he wants to reach the dizzy heights of wes craven, crononburgh and lynch. Avoid if possible.

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Brian K (br) wrote: Visually entreating even if the narrative is well-worn.

the cuNl b (us) wrote: This old detective movie is great for its type, and actually achieves the creepy effect at some points. Even if you're not into old movies you should watch this one.

Chris S (ru) wrote: Sometimes funny, but mostly annoying and stupid