When a sudden plague of blindness devastates a city, a small group of the afflicted band together to triumphantly overcome the horrific conditions of their imposed quarantine.

When an epidemic of a disease known as the "white sickness" appears in her city, the wife (Julianne Moore) of a doctor is one of the few individuals left who still has sight. She then keeps her sight a secret and leads seven strangers out of quarantine and onto the ravaged streets of the city. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Blindness torrent reviews

Joann T (au) wrote: Full of heart and very funny!

Jim A (es) wrote: A brilliant movie, beautiful to watch in it's way, a damn near perfect film in it's true to life portrayal of the Glaswegian underworld.. This is set in the real world of a broken city. Not much to say other than worth your time.. The compelling performance of Martin Compston as Paul Ferris is an eyeful, an actor to watch but in truth an all round great cast. Director Ray Burdis has elevated a hackneyed genre to an unexpected level.

Jason S (mx) wrote: it was somewhat decent

KiRstin M (mx) wrote: don't think I'll ever get married!! lmao this movie was toooooo Real!!!! jaw dropping moments in this film!

Patrick M (ca) wrote: Very brilliant story.

Asa B (mx) wrote: A charming Sunday afternoon film that will make you love Beatrix Potter even more. What an incredible woman and what a legacy!

Heather M (us) wrote: This was not one of my favorite Batman stories, but the ending was nice - though completely unrealistic.

Kevin F (ca) wrote: So dramatic !!! ?? !!! And cool !!! ?? !!!

pave m (kr) wrote: watched it for the millionth time. full of platesmashing, singing, spanglish goodness! plus i have such a girl crush on tamara mello.

Davey M (nl) wrote: A Cinderella story for 1980s corporate America, in which Melanie Griffith works her way from put-upon, objectified secretary up to less-put-upon and still, basically, objectified manager. Though there's a lot of really fascinating feminist stuff going on--the film begins with a helicopter shot of Lady Liberty, with Carly Simon wailing about the "New Jerusalem," then swoops in to discover its lead aboard the Staten Island ferry, explicitly framing the narrative as the immigrant story of women in the workforce, and it's kind of nice to see Harrison Ford at the height of his star power being used as the trophy man--there's still something perplexing about the way the film (notably penned and directed by men) pimps out its star, parading her about in pretty ridiculous lingerie whenever possible and even, for some inexplicable reason, having her vacuum the house topless. It's hard to shake the underlying message of the movie, which is that, if you look like Melanie Griffith and you can get Harrison Ford to bed you, you might just have a shot at a career (the fact that the antagonist is the already successful--and utterly villainous--Sigourney Weaver only makes things more interesting, complicated, and potentially troubling).

Jose Luis M (kr) wrote: Humor negro en el lugar menos pensado, momento inolvidable Sally Kellerman en las duchas.