Bling Bling

Bling Bling

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stephen c (it) wrote: Not interested in this it's really really bad

Jens N (us) wrote: Boring film that abuses people's interest in astronomy, the Atacama and archaeology to warm up resentments against the Chilean right. Sorry guys, your "movie info" got me into seeing this and now you've got to face the truth.

Private U (us) wrote: A very good Scooby-Doo feature. Nice animation, and a good plot.

Tuhina D (nl) wrote: It would have been a sweet love story if AB wasn't obsessed about sex in the middle of it.

Kong L (mx) wrote: "FAR-FETCHED | THRILLING | WILD" (82-out-of-100)

Amy D (ca) wrote: Horrible! Acting was horrible, sound was bad, soundtrack was crap. I'm glad I only spent a dollar on this movie. Time I can't get back.

Benjamin G (it) wrote: i freaking rented this movie like 20 times when i was little

sheila s (us) wrote: This film is sooo good. It just brilliant a real classic, love it.

Davide L (au) wrote: Siamo li li , bello quanto il remake alla fine , piccola nota: questo uno dei film preferiti da tarantino!

Michelle T (nl) wrote: I don't care what others say (Stewart), I love this movie!

Jimmy F (nl) wrote: Very interesting documentary about this notorious gangster from Boston. Great interviews with all the people that were involved in this case. I was hooked the entire 107 minutes.