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Tulay, a restless woman whose marriage is slowly disintegrating sets out to come to terms with various traumas while continually being watched by Halit, a resident in her apartment complex.

Tulay, a restless woman whose marriage is slowly disintegrating sets out to come to terms with various traumas while continually being watched by Halit, a resident in her apartment complex. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Alex K (kr) wrote: My Favorite Film Is 1941's Citizen Kane.

Gabriel C (ru) wrote: The biggest problem with Seltzer-Friedberg movies is they are never sure if they want to be mean-spirited, light-hearted or both. Whatever Vampires Suck is trying to be, it fails miserably.

Shero R (au) wrote: My review for this movie contains part of the plot of the movie that is why ... ( Spoiler Alert ) ;-) ...A great hand drawing animated movie .. as most of Bill Plympton's works .. It is a dark comedy ... a lot of Quentin Tarantino and David Lynch's look like movies in the darkness .. I even now can put Zack Snyder and Tarsem in the visual look and the motion .. I like the simplicity of the line drawing and the deep meaning of it .. The animation is not realistic .. It is kind a lost frames but it makes it more interesting to watch .. because : 1- It gives the main and the basic movements and positions ...And that is bring me to the second point :2- Which you can't feel the lost frames.. because it is kind a tricky way to play with your mind and make you imagine the frames alone ..!!I have doubts if he did that in purpose !! but in the end it is really good ;-)You must be aware to not expect something like (Sylvain Chomet) 's work : The Triplets of Belleville or The Illusionist ... !!! The story is symbolic but in real life: It begins with a man who is tired from the life .. tired from even waking up ... and the pressure he got from the surrounding and how he can't feel the respect and the beauty of life ... !! Latter the things changes .. with a magical (Wings) that grow up on his back like the one in the X Men movie ;-) .. In another words wings of angels .. and how he react to the wings and what the wings do to him .. and how others around him begin to treat him .. or let me refresh the words: How others will want him dead just to use the wings for their own idiotic and selfish reasons ...As I said it is a symbolic .. The wings can be an idea , a creation ,project ,gift , love ,dream ,mission ..etc ... you can call it what you want ...!!! And how you treat them and how you use them for the good ... and how others want to steal it from you or even do you harm just to take it from you ... Must watch movie ... not just once but as much as you like ;-) Specially for classic artists ( Hand drawing ) This is another movie you can learn a lot form it technically .. I will recommended for you ;-)

Leo L (ca) wrote: A captivating movie that follows a lonely widower's journey to see his estranged daughter in America. Leaving poignant memories behind in China, Mr. Shi truly hopes that he can reconnect with his daughter, Yilan, and set upon a path where he can truly embrace the genuine meaning of family and fatherhood. He enters a country where the culture is stranger than the language itself, and surprisingly connects and befriends an elderly Iranian woman in a neighboring park. Mr. Shi realizes that in order to fully accept the present circumstances with his daughter, the past must also be fully recognized and accepted whether the many years that have come and gone. Henry O, Feihong Yu, Vida Ghahremani, and Pasha D. Lychnikoff stars. Worthy!

Zachary R (jp) wrote: This movie I will say is good but very confusing. It starts off with a princess named Toki has had her father killed and one of her friends is killed as well while protecting her. Before she dies a warrior comes out of nowhere and saves her. He then thus raises her to be a part of his Samurai group that fights for peace and protects the land. Something though in the land is a foot and evil is working with the feudal lords to seize power and take over. The one really bad thing with it all is that Toki is at the front of this Grandmaster's plan. Like I said at the top, the story can be good, but confusing because it ties into Toki's past very oddly without explanation. To be fair I've only watched this one and there could be something that I missed. Other than that the action and the animation style were good and impressive. So, on that basis alone with is worth seeing. 7 out of 10.

Terri H (fr) wrote: No thankyou - Not interested

Colleen W (de) wrote: I was bored to sobs. A terrific cast of excellent actors wasted on a film without any semblance of a plot. There are many disconnected vignettes which go nowhere. The ending of the film is not credible. I believe the flimsy script may have worked as a stage play, but it did not work on film. All of the actors work hard to give good performances, but their genuine talent is wasted on this drab, dismal and depressing film.

Daniel M (gb) wrote: ?Akira is highly harrowing with the blunt edgy violence and energy, but it sure is worth every second. Saddening, engaging and beautifully animated, this is a must for any Anime fan and surely deserving of its reputation as a milestone in Sci-fi films.

Jared C (nl) wrote: I was wrong this wans'nt a romance comedy, it is a ludicrous and crazy film as the title suggests. But when it says crazy, it means exactley that. This was before John Cusack did Say Anything and High Fidelity. The whole of the cast just intend on acting funny. Some of the actors achieve this, but it's only through some of their stpidity which they call their comedy. Full of outrageous and silly scenes, be not surprised if you don't follow the plot. I begin to think there isn't one, but if you st back and just watch it you will find it at least a slight bit funny and entertaining

Critic M (kr) wrote: One of those "Best Worst Movies" ever to grace your dad's vhs collection. This film is SO BAD, the cheesiness and overall cliche' factor is hilarious. Chuck Norris can be in an absolutely horrific film, but still manage to make it cool to some degree. This film really has it all and should develop a cult following over time. I mean it has action, bad humor, lines that weren't intended to be funny but end up being hilarious and David Carradine. This film truly has it all. Throw in a cow town fight over a girl and have a muscle headed tough guy call a guy a greaser and you have a classic....oh wait, that IS already in the film!!!!! Watch this movie, it is so terrible you will love every second of it.

roger t (gb) wrote: recommended by jimbotende.

John M (br) wrote: a wild mash-up of genres, lovingly shot and evoking several Kubrick films which would follow it. blacklisted Losey starts us off in biker/juvenile delinquent territory until the plot crashes into a secret sci-fi experiment involving some creepy kids. Both sides of the initial conflict find themselves allied with the pleading children against the cruel adult world that promises more violence than was staked in the first half. I admire the craft that assembled and shot this film, even if it is a bit of a jumble. For the Hammer studio, it is a real diamond in the rough.

Jonny C (au) wrote: Great fun. Burt Reynolds is an ageing stuntman threatened by the emergence of a new kid in town. Full of fun gags and crazy action, this is worth your rental money.

Greg R (kr) wrote: Not bad, but definitely not as smart and good as it's predecessor.