Block Party

Block Party

A mix of Dave Chappelle's sketch comedy and musical interludes, inspired in part by the 1973 documentary Wattstax.

A mix of Dave Chappelle's sketch comedy and musical interludes, inspired in part by the 1973 documentary Wattstax. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Manpreet R (nl) wrote: It was a nice movie when you are just relaxing. Both actors did very well with the addition of Anupam Kher in a more comedic role was great. The story was interesting because it was fresh to me.

Lee M (de) wrote: Whether you go with this idea might depend on how many times you've seen it before, in sentimental American films. The fact that the film is more artful doesn't make the ghost of the mother less of a cliche.

Jessica H (au) wrote: they all so sexii and the dancin was off the hook. LOVED IT!

chad g (us) wrote: I thoroughly enjoyed this. I guess there is a bit of a historical thing going on here and there will always be an argument about whether this man was a hero or a tyrant.I felt it was a good watch.

tonya w (gb) wrote: This movie and its sexy rude boys have me watching it like its the frist time

Srinakorn P (kr) wrote: Atkinson's act is very better than movie.

Jorge M (fr) wrote: Cute, goodhearted tale about the true spirit of Christmas.

Antonio A (it) wrote: The very definition of a tearjerker...

Nodar S (jp) wrote: I still think its odd and funny in its own weird way.

Clyde C (es) wrote: Seen it when it first came out. Enjoyed.Never listen to critics., never .

Bob V (br) wrote: Until not very long ago, I was completely unaware that Belgium had a rather productive horror/thriller industry during the seventies & eighties. Oddly enough, foreigners are in general better aware of this fact, as the films were by and large successes in the international market, while we here in La Belgique were stuck watching comedies about a mismatched duo with an unspeakable Antwerp accent. Even more surprising to me was the fact that quite a few of these films are now considered to be cult classics, which is why I resolved to try and watch the more prominent ones. "Lucker" is only the second one I've gotten to, and it is a world apart from the previous one, "Daughters of Darkness". 'Affectionately' nicknamed "the pig-fucker" movie, although of the many gross happenings during the course of the film, the copulating with pigs is not included. So first off, this film has all the elements of a truly, truly, massively, titanian BAD flick: bad acting (the girls all studied screaming at a phone sex line, and even there they were clearly 'D'-students); more blood seeping out of mouths than the average human body actually contains (I actually applaud one actress who must have had quite a time to hold all that fake blood in her mouth until the end of the scene, and I in no way wish to make any deductions of where her true talents lie, since acting ain't it); a plot that is at once derivative & inexplicable; bad camera-work, bad editing, BAD BAD BAD English (and can someone tell me why we're in a Belgian town yet everyone automatically speaks a type of English that "Allo Allo" would have rejected for being too silly?); and of course that good old staple of both the slasher film AND the Belgian film: gratuitous tits! Now, despite all this, there are moments when it still works, and a genuinely horrifying terror is conveyed. Lucker murders & rapes (yes, in that order, be prepared) his way through the Belgian countryside without speaking a word, and he oozes creepiness in his silent stalking, and the senselessness of it all becomes an asset. At a certain point he sits himself down in a sofa and stays there for four weeks while he leaves a body to 'marinate' as a form of foreplay & he's actually scary just sitting there while you can hear the sounds of rotting body (oh, forgot: BAD sound-effects, but even these unintentionally have their moments when they add to the vibe of terror.). What he does next can be counted as one of the most ew-worthy things I've ever seen on film, and the actor puts such relish into it that it stops being merely "groooooooss!" TV and quickly starts to feel downright uncomfortable. Never mind that once again the special effects are ridiculous (I haven't seen a lot of dead bodies, but I'm reasonably convinced four weeks doesn't turn them into the Creature from the Black Lagoon, only slimier), it is probably more revolting because of it. So I now carry an undecided mixture of putrid shame & defiant pride that this film came out of my country, determined to traumatize foreigners everywhere. That's right: fuck you, everyone else! ^^

Ahmad J (ag) wrote: The best thing about this movie is the soundtrack and a couple of incredible dance numbers. The audition to "What a Feeling" at the end is one of my favourite movie scenes of all time!

Chris P (fr) wrote: Why bother setting up loads of different sets on the sound stage when you can keep using the same one over and over. Vintage Wood.

David D (us) wrote: The best version of the story I'd say

Cristbal S (fr) wrote: A few good laughs, nothing remarkable.

Charlie M (us) wrote: Guy gets girl in this vulgar romantic comedy.