A simple peasant is forced to take up arms to defend his farm during the Spanish Civil War. Along the way he falls in love with Russian whose father is involved in espionage. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Blockade torrent reviews

Ravi S (kr) wrote: I didn't feel it was a particularly good movie. But it was nice to see something different in the Indian movie realm, I hope they'll be more like this.

Ankur S (jp) wrote: A cool comedy depicting the affects of global recession on the (now in trouble lol) kidnapping industry in remote parts of India.The business acumen of the kidnap victim is hilarious ...

Private U (mx) wrote: Very positive movie!!!!

darth v (us) wrote: Caught it off Netflix online this past Saturday. It was a standard B-production with very little as far as twists and turns. Think of it as a dollar store version of the Andromeda strain with less imagination and darker sets. Thank goodness it's only 84 minutes long. I didn't understand the ending where the woman scientist goes home to her daughter after they show the military shooting her. Was that the creature in the guise of the scientist?

Matt S (it) wrote: For die-hard Allen fans, this is a must-see if only to hear a handful of classic Allen one-liners. There's not a lot of exploration into the music Allen is playing or why he plays it but it does serve as an interesting document of Allen's astonishing international fame in the mid-90s at the height of his scandal phase.

David K (au) wrote: one of my favorite moives from back in the day. however, re-watching is hard to not see Michael Keaton as Batman. i just keep thinking to myself he's Batman

Roy C (au) wrote: Imagine if Captain Kirk had shouted orders while lying on his back. Short as her reign was, Yllana proved to be a formidable female antagonist.

Alora K (de) wrote: My personal favorite movie ever.

Jake M (de) wrote: Loved the book and the movie as a 9 year old. Not so much anymore. The dialogue is horrendous, the plot is snipped and pasted together, and the acting is pretty meh. Studio interference compromised this quickly made cash-in on the 90s irony-horror boom and it shows. A few good scares, a gnarly opening,Katie Holmes, and the awesome soundtrack make for a passable nostalgic watch.

Tory F (us) wrote: I thought this movie was pretty good. Both actors are very good in their roles. Jean-Claude Van Damme and Scott Adkins are both hitmen assigned to kill the same target. One wants it for the money the other wants the target because the target raped his wife and put her in a catatonic state. After the hitmen cross paths, causing both them to miss the target, they decide to work together to take out the target. Despite the film being quite brutal, I liked the film overall.

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