Blonde Ambition

Blonde Ambition

A young professional woman (Simpson) unwittingly becomes the pawn of two business executives in their bid to oust the head of a mega-conglomerate.

The film tells the story of a young professional (Jessica Simpson) who becomes the unwitting pawn in a plot by two executives to take over a company while ultimately finding love along the way. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Borhan K (ru) wrote: Hunt for Wilderpeople is one of the quiet little gems that came out of New Zealand last year and sitting and watching this with my mum and wife it has some great little laughs and the small cast manage to pull it off and its great a must see I would recommend this for all ages however 12 and above.A movie to add to your home movie library.Julian Dennison is great in this starring role manages to keep up with Sam Neil and they play well together.This movie has heart and is worth watching.Although PG some of the subject matter is very adult and parents should watch it with their children. 15 and above for me.

Wendy S (mx) wrote: Excellent movie. Watched from beginning to end not even a potty break!

William D (ca) wrote: "Shit Year" wins the award for best movie title of the year but definitely not best movie of the year. It is a highly avant-garde hand-made film shot on black-and-white video. Ellen Barkin plays a famous screen actress around age 60 just realizing how alone she is. She has just had a brief affair with a 22-year-old actor who had co-starred with her in a play, and the affair has left her in a funk. It's not clear whether she has fallen in love with him or just cannot stomach being single anymore. Writer/director Cam Archer, who is not particularly deep, seems to have written the 22-year-old into the script just so he could film a nearly naked 22-year-old boy. And he does so with all the depth of a Calvin Klein ad. The attention to the main character is fairly deep, but not enough to trigger much caring on the part of the audience. I was mostly bored while watching "Shit Year." The avant-garde techniques weren't that interesting either. The film is more like theater than cinema. The actors step in front of the camera the way an actor would step onto a bare stage to do a scene. They perform what are basically monologues to give you a sense of what the character might be going through. Nothing is meant to be realistic -- more like re-enactment of pivotal moments in someone's life, where the audience understands that it is seeing highly stylized, fragmentary re-enactments, not the actual occurrences. This distancing effect and the general use of techniques from stage drama and art video I found moderately interesting. But for this kind of thing to work in cinema, it has to take one's breath away. The audience also has to care deeply about something. None of this happened in "Shit Year." Barkin gives a good performance. (When is Barkin not fabulous?) But unfortunately she's lost in a movie that never takes off.

Sara S (es) wrote: you can read the description and shudder in revulsion. it was a surprisingly artsy documentary, considering the subject matter. if you're into reality horror, you could watch this film...

Javier E (us) wrote: Sencilla, sensible, bien actuada. Bien ejecutada. Vale la pena. Marianne Faithful esta excelente en este papel.

bill s (au) wrote: Bad,boring and predictable and that's just the acting.

Jorge Eduardo S (us) wrote: D-. The Messengers is completely, from its beginning to its end a sadly combination of boring and sadly cliches.

Huw G (fr) wrote: Slow but beautiful and only occasionally over sentimental look at childhood, and in the end, sadness.

Alisha S (gb) wrote: One of my favorites of this series :)