Blonde and Blonder

Blonde and Blonder

Comic mayhem ensues when two lovely blondes, Dee and Dawn, are mistaken as international mob killers.

Comic mayhem ensues when two lovely blondes, Dee and Dawn, are mistaken as international mob killers. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mark H (nl) wrote: a little long winded for me, hard to pay attention to it all

Don S (jp) wrote: I enjoyed this much more than the first one. The characters came alive for me and seeing other gods of death took the silliness of the first one away. The matching of intellectual wits between Light and L was engrossing, with the twists and turns coming swiftly. This is what I was expecting from the original. Good stuff.

Michael V (gb) wrote: It wasn't really scary, but the plot was interesting and unpredictable. The kid was also really creepy.

Matthew D (it) wrote: As an impartial look at the Israeli-Palestine conflict this is important and that it mostly manages to do so is impressive given the set-up of following the Israeli revenge squad. However, Spielberg once again jettisons history for story, but the message is obvious within minutes and the philosophical and discussion very artificial (and they are pretty unlikely to have taken place). Spielberg as always gets fine performances from his perfect casting, but he fails to create suspense and by the end of nearly three hours it loses its way, much like the main character, and any engagement gets lost.

Evan H (fr) wrote: I watched this movie as a kid...oh the childhood memories!

Ian L (fr) wrote: One of the most fantastic movies ever made :)

Torrey A (mx) wrote: Ok...NOT cool...I didn't think many people would know about this movie and give it good ratings! I was going to come in here and pimp this movie up, but since it's already popular I can be completely honest...this movie sucks so bad it's not even funny. Seriously, literally, and truthfully...possibly the worst movie of all time. But it's good if you need to laugh at something for being so stupid.

Thirumahan R (es) wrote: (which was less of a guest appearance close to the end) was amazing, great act...(read more)ing with good fight scenes. why not u check it Shakti - The Power Videos for hot dance?

cli o (us) wrote: no thanks not my thing

James B (fr) wrote: I don't usually enjoy film noir, but I caught this one on TCM one night and thought it was pretty good. Snappy dialogue, well paced, good story.

Kristelle E (jp) wrote: Funneh as helly smart

Meli L (es) wrote: Great acting, great cast. Wish it was longer.

Katherine L (de) wrote: Really happy they used the same guys this one is just as food as the first 1....

Anhad B (au) wrote: I just thought 0% sounds to mean