Blonde in Black Leather

Blonde in Black Leather

Two racy women decide to chuck their mundane lives and go on a wild adventure.

Two racy women decide to chuck their mundane lives and go on a wild adventure. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Andrew L (jp) wrote: This is an alright movie. This is not the best movie ever, and at times it seems a bit too dramatic, which hurts a decent story. Personally, I didn't like how the second half of the movie was done but the little message towards the end of the movie made me forgive the writer/director for that decision. I also felt that the score/music was overplayed. However, I did like that the football action was fast paced and not as choppy as it is in other movies. The acting was pretty good. Definitely worth the rent.

Joanna B (it) wrote: With natural comedic timing, an immensely likeable presence and a questioningly mischievous smile ever present on her butter-wouldn't-melt face, Cameron Diaz is rapidly becoming a comedic force to be reckoned with. Her only issue however is the vapidly dreadful characters and tediously unimaginative projects she chooses to accept.Seemingly an intriguing concept about a misanthropic teacher hell bent on finding easy street and purchasing property with her looks, Bad Teacher attempts to fall into the same facetiously satirical style as director Terry Swigoff's 2003 Bad Santa; but sadly collapses before the finish line. Although both films are crude black comedies about raging anti-heroes who enjoy abusing their positions of authority and lack any redeeming qualities. Bad Santa with its iconic figure of a drunken, fornicating and cursing madman (played by Hollywood bad-boy Billy Bob Thronton) whilst outrageously offensive was balanced, snappy grounded and somewhat believable. Elizabeth Halsey (Cameron Diaz) is a hard-partying, foul-mouthed and ruthless bad-apple of an educator. Preoccupied with potation, profanity and pot, she simply treads water until her real dream of being a trophy wife and marrying her meal ticket pays off. However, when gold-digging Liz is unceremoniously dumped by her sugar-daddy fianc after refusing to sign the obligatory pre-nup, the money-conciseness social-climbing leech is forced to continue in her menial bogus day job as a junior high teacher indefinitely. An occupation she has no talent for and no interest in; Liz must put a new plan into action and woo the rich, handsome and model-substitute Scott Delacorte (Justin Timberlake), heir to the illustrious Delacorte clock empire as a new potential meal-ticket. However, Liz is not the only one interested in Scott. Competing for his affections is the nicer, softer and positively-perky fellow teacher Amy Squirre; (Lucy Punch). Dedicated to her job and pedantic about good behaviour, Amy is every bit as ambitious to advance on Scott but is far more subtle and cunning about it. Convinced she is only an 8 1/2 and determined she must be a knock-out 10 to land him, Liz deviously decides to outshine her competition by getting a bob-job, but in order to do so she must raise $10,000. Resorting to pilfering from school funds, blackmailing an administrator and steeling standardised test, can Liz find a way to snag Scott? Or will a sweaty someone in the wings get her attention first?Fighting off the bantering advances of the dangerously decent, likeable and flat broke PE instructor Russell (Jason Segal), Liz must figure out if the lifestyle she has always strived to get accustomed too is actually what she really wants. Loosing traction past the point of a Saturday Night Live skit, Diaz's morally bankrupt transgressions of an overly superficial high-heel clad cad is vague and seemingly floating on autopilot. The rhythm in which her wild and outrageous schemes unfold is disjointed with gapping holes in its limited storyline. The supporting teacher cast is passable, Timberlake is pleasant but underwhelming, Jillian Armenante (as veteran teacher Ms Pavicic) is a sweet, John Michael Higgins (Principal Snur) is appropriately awkward but Segel is the strong standout scene-stealer. The major element missing is a noticeable student. There are no vindictive "blackmailer" students, no "devils" in training and no-one with a crush on the "sexpot" teacher; it is impossible to identify with any of them as the casting and characterisations lack imagination.The Verdict: As the tagline states, "Some teachers just don't give an f" and sadly after leaving the cinema either will you about this film. The tediously mediocre script designed for cheap laughs has an extremely lenient M rating but a curiously inconsequential impact.Published: The Queanbeyan AgeDate of Publication: 22/07/2011

Scott J (fr) wrote: a fairly by the number corporate cover up movie good acting but not enough character development for Michael Clayton ironically the name of the movie is a character that is never fully explored

Christopher C (au) wrote: Released in 2006, Aki Kaurismaki's film LAITAKAUPUNGIN VALOT (released internationally as Lights in the Dusk), completes a loose trilogy of films that deal with underdogs, employ similar colour palettes and are set in a strange fantasy Finland where the social divisions and rock music of the 1950s have persisted into the present day. The film is concerned with the sufferings of Koistinen (Janne Hyytiinen), a security guard who is not just neglected by his coworkers and society, but eventually set up by femme fatale Mirja (Maria Jrvenhelmi) for a jewelry heist. Prominent supporting roles are Lindholm (Ilkka Koivula), the mastermind of the criminal operation, and Aila (Maria Heiskanen), a hot dog vendor who seems to be Koistinen's only contact with the world, though "friend" would be too strong a word.The previous two entries in Kaurismaki's "Losers" trilogy -- (Driftng Clouds) and MIES VAILLA MENNEISYTT (The Man Without a Past), had their characters knocked about, but ultimately they pulled through and found happiness. LAITAKAUPUNGIN VALOT is a much bleaker film. The cruelty directed at Koistinen is more brutal and the ending, while hinting at something positive, is ambiguous and painful to watch. Kaurismaki has really come to repeat himself, maintaining not just the same atmosphere from film to film, but even reusing stock scenes like a man being beaten and left for dead at the docks, prison labour and awkward dates. Nonetheless, here offers something new in crossing that thin line from deadpan humour to outright tragedy. Kaurismki has always maintained an austere tone, but here he pares things down even further. This is a flawed film, but one with many admirable features and I'd generally recommend that one see it, though perhaps after the earlier two films in this trilogy.

Rui G (us) wrote: Duas horas muito bem passadas!

Justin M (us) wrote: Well-acted and intriguing, but ultimately predictable. Banks and Close shine, but that's about it.

Mario H (ag) wrote: It was kind of boring. Also, this is nothing like a real Mexican family. It was very fake and seemed to want real Mexicans to be like the characters in this movie. It also sucks that none of the family members are actually Mexican. The Brazilian is a German that was born in France! Paul Rodriguez and Constance Marie are the only real Mexicans in this movie. Aside from the casting the story was very slow and weak. The only part that was good was when the dad asked the daughter of an older lady to marry him.

Juha E (ru) wrote: Zhang Yimou just can't make bad movies. Gong Li is excellent as always.

Dan A (br) wrote: Silly campy slasher flick. Not great but always fun.

Sam M (ca) wrote: Almost convoluted but thrilling and horrific at the same time.

Drew H (kr) wrote: A piece of shit on every level, much like Cannibal Holocaust, tries to be shocking but the only things that are shocking is the acting and cinematography. Watch only if you like amateurish piles of shit.

Timoteo B (au) wrote: But I watched all of it

Karen H (de) wrote: 2015-07-11 a little illogical at times but not bad. didn't totally keep hubby awake though.

Leong C (es) wrote: A fantastic documentary about the classic battle between the fastball and hitters... amazing