Blondes Have More Guns

Blondes Have More Guns

A scarf, a chainsaw, and a mysterious blonde are the only clues to a growing number of stiffs (and not all of them are dead bodies!) Who can the police turn to? Harry Bates, of course, the smartest officer on the force. TOO BAD HARRY CAN’T OUTWIT A HOUSEPLANT! Lucky for him he has his trusted partner Dick Smoker and his faithful dog (who seems to be a guy in a dog suit) to help him solve the case. The only suspects are a pair of beautiful sisters, Montana and Dakota. When the trigger happy Harry gets romantically involved with the twin half step-sisters will he lose more than his cool? Inspired lunacy ensues as BLONDES HAVE MORE GUNS parodies the likes of PULP FICTION and INDECENT PROPOSAL with razor… er… chainsaw sharp wit!

A bumbling detective, along with his loyal sidekick and a man in a dog suit, tracks down a sultry chainsaw murderess! . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Luisa E (gb) wrote: Add a review (optional)...

Gina W (kr) wrote: I enjoyed this movie. Yes, it moved slowly, but that was part of the delight. I liked the slowness of falling in love with a city and a man. My husband wasn't as enthusiastic. The fact that I have visited Egypt and Cairo made it more meaningful to me.

Cee L (jp) wrote: Fuck it. BRING IT ON.

Noam S (jp) wrote: a nice, and very british, take on "death in venice".

Live Everyday As If It Was Your Last (nl) wrote: I've seen this movie to many times to count! And still enjoy watching it!

Stephen N (de) wrote: A verry strange movie.

Tomer H (nl) wrote: Quick to the point, without too much babbling, Duck Soup shows present day comedies how to make a laugh without tiring the viewer.

Jeff B (us) wrote: Entertaining Harold Lloyd film about a guy who's trying to save his dad's horse car from being taken off the streets. It's not as good as the other few Lloyd comedies I've seen, but it still had some great gags throughout. There was a funny cameo by Babe Ruth and the ending was a fun action sequence.

Jesse K (kr) wrote: Strong 4/5. This thing was a blast. Plenty of fun while being simultaneously unsettling, intense and even a little heartfelt. There's a lot thrown into the mix and not everything feels completely resolved at the end but Magic Mike stunned me with its style and surprising narrative heft. I guess now I'll have to see how the sequel compares.

Brandon W (nl) wrote: My Big Fat Greek Wedding is a great comedy that made me learn a bit about Greek which I never thought would even happen. I've heard about Nia Vardalos for quite a while because of this film, but I never seen her in a film before, so I wouldn't know what to think of her, but in this, she's really good as an actress and a writer. She's very funny in this and definitely sold it out as a main lead. The chemistry between Toula and Ian is very good and sweet enough for me to buy them as a couple. The family are hilarious to watch, and are the best part of the film which you just want to see more of them. The way the jokes were executed seem like something from a sitcom show which I'm just expecting a laugh track from it, which the jokes did get a laugh out of me, even if all of the jokes didn't hit bullseye. You can sort of see where it's gonna go, but the way it's handled is not that bad, and wasn't as mean-spirited as I thought was going to be. Even though My Big Fat Greek Wedding isn't going to be a comedic classic, it's still a hilarious enough film that the whole family would have a great time watching it.

James H (mx) wrote: 60/100. The convincing and good performances from everyone give this film the feeling it was meant to feel, being trapped in small time life and dreaming to get out. Well cast, appropriately simple cinematography, good music. It's not a great film, but it was good enough to hold my interest throughout. Well done.