Police Detective Hoshino (Kanji Tsuda) investigates the murder of a maid at a mansion belonging to Miyako Rozmberk (Sugimoto), a seductive vampire mistress and "cougar" all in one. Ukyo Kuronuma (Jun Kaname), an Edo-era swordsman who was turned into a vampire by Miyako is fingered for the crime but before anything can be done about it Hoshino ends up under Miyako's spell as well. This leads Hoshino and Ukyo to battle one another for the privilege of staying with Miyako for eternity.

Where does love and lust lead you...if you never die? What destiny awaits an immortal? Is there a destination for immortal love and lust? Shigenori Takechi of IZO incorporated these ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Blood torrent reviews

Chris T (gb) wrote: Oh my giddy aunt. If it wasnt for the decent abundance of tits on show (especially from the red head), this wouldnt of even got half a star. The fight choreography was dog shite, seen many a time before from action martial arts films from way back in the 70's and 80's, and even they pulled it off better. The acting was even worse, totally over the top especially from the main bad dude. The faces he was pulling at times made it look like he was straining for a good shit. Shit and boring action (of which they was a lot of), and atrocious acting made for possibly the worst film ive seen this year so far.

Jeff S (kr) wrote: Russell Crowe and the supporting cast, as well as Ridley Scott's direction are all very good, but this is completely Denzel Washington's film

Daniel D (it) wrote: Could be good... could be terrible...

Jordan S (gb) wrote: Really good plot, with a brilliant cast, must watch .... It's really funny aswell. As far as stoner films go it's up there as one of the best.

Jason F (es) wrote: FINALLY watched the Stone classic! BUT oh my god what was up with the dialogue? PLUS The ending!?!?!?! Gotta love the mention of Pearl Jam though and the UB40 'Falling in love with you' made it in there leaving it to be worthy of a 4 star from yours truly.

Duncan K (ag) wrote: Stephen king should definitely stick to books.

Nilufer R (kr) wrote: This movie bored me to death. I don't remember who told me to watch it but I definitely regret the decision. A lame story of a dull gigolo doesn't interest me after all.

Petros T (gb) wrote: Another early great film from one of the finest silent comedians, "The Gold Rush" is an uproariously funny and very imaginative film that remarkably remains a very pleasant watch after 90 years. Seemingly ageless, marvellous technically for its time, with lots of classic gags and a relatively simple but captivating storyline, it's a film that epitomizes the very essence of comedy. It's really amazing that few people have done it better since.

Alex S (de) wrote: No where close to David Cronenberg's proven capabilities, Rabid proves to be a very minor entry in David Cronenberg's otherwise consistently good canon.

Rickey D (ca) wrote: What begins as a very good western, slowly loses steam unitil it finally ends as a silly escape into self-important weirdness.