Blood And Bone

Blood And Bone

In Los Angeles, an ex-con (White) takes the underground fighting world by storm in his quest to fulfill a promise to a dead friend.

Bone is a talented gladiator. In prison, he knows Danny. With purpose of appropriating Danny's wife - Angela, James drives Danny to prison and kills him there. Bone promises to protect his wife. So he has to face many struggles to reach James... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Javier E (ca) wrote: Guillaume Galliene tiene a su cargo la direccion y la actuacion de este "stand up" animado sobre la vision que tenian sus padres y familiares sobre su vida y el camino que tuvo que recorrer hasta encontrarse. Vale mucho la pena, la edicion, la fotografia y las actuaciones son impecables. (Texto intencionalmente sin acentos).

Sarah H (br) wrote: Inspirational Will Make You Cry A Great Christian Movie

Colton N (it) wrote: I wish there was an option for 0 stars. This movie made me have to poop.

Nuno C (au) wrote: Can't blame someone for trying to make something i suppose, if this movie didn't cost much to make, most of the budget went to renting a camera, a small farm house and a pair of spooky contact lenses. Not scary in the least.

Ian G (nl) wrote: Oldboy with white people?

Nicola W (gb) wrote: Dirty evil corrupt cops. Thats what getting involved in drugs and money greed does for you. Pretty decent film

Naomi G (mx) wrote: Nora Ephron loved the combination of Hanks ad Ryan so much she has used them in two different films as the main protagonists. The films look very much alike at first glance, and I could forgive anyone for thinking one is the sequel to the other, or the reedited the first film and rereleased it trying to pass it off as a different film. Not so, the characters in both films are totally different. My qualm with films is the same though, Tom Hanks. Something about him in both films made me less than enthusiastic, maybe I was hoping for a handsomer lead guy or one with a sparkling personality. Meg Ryan is pretty good though. The story is very interesting, not exactly Wuthering Heights but still good.

Alexander C (ru) wrote: Sex sex sex and guess sex for money tut tut ;) more please lol

Tina C (de) wrote: Another one that's really hard to get into. It just failed to catch my interest.

sean d (ru) wrote: this is a really funny film a comedy a very funny one