Blood and Chocolate

Blood and Chocolate

A young teenage werewolf is torn between honoring her family's secret and her love for a man.

Young Vivian has a secret: She is a werewolf and has spent her entire life concealing it. When she finds love with a human, she is torn between honoring her family's secret and her love. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Devon W (ru) wrote: Worthy watch, lots of surprises, good style, great acting. Story is a little vague, but of course it's all done on purpose.

Rob L (jp) wrote: At times more an expos (C) than a film and more astonishing than entertaining, Br 1/4gger's film at first left me casually searching and apathetic, but the more I thought about it the more outraged and angry I became, the more I desired a second viewing. With altered expectations, the film plays as more outrageous than outlandish, more guerrilla documentary filmmaking than Borat-like stunt. Bravo to Br 1/4gger and his bravado for tearing back the curtain from African/European diplomatic corruption, revealing the truly dark heart at the center of many African government officials.

Jonny P (jp) wrote: This Russian remake of 12 Angry Men (which is arguably the greatest court film in cinema history) stays true to the original through amazing acting performances by developing characters that do not even possess names. This modern take on the story does seem a bit more presumptuous than the original but still keeps you on the edge of your seat as the jury members slowly unravel the court case in the deliberation room. Touching stories from the lives of individual jurors presented with incredible emotion help them to see the evidence more clearly as they struggle to reach a unanimous decision. Russian director Nikita Mikhalkov (who also plays one of the jurors) brings his culture into the story to keep it from feeling the same as 12 Angry Men, all under the guise of a beautiful musical score. If you love 12 Angry Men, this movie will surely be a treat for you; however, if you have not seen 12 Angry Men, I would definitely recommend seeing it in place of this remake.

A L (ru) wrote: What a wasted idea. Meet Dave squanders it's unique and opportune premise on third rate jokes, painful acting, and an on and off story.

Javier E (us) wrote: Muy notoriamente basada en la parte onirica del maestro Gus Van Sant, pero sin el efecto indicado. "Wild Tigers I Have Known" lo unico que tiene interesante es el titulo. Es larga... larga... larga... a pesar de solo durar 81 minutos no tiene nada interesante. Es la historia del crush que desarrolla un nino de 13 con uno de 18 que suena que le hacen todo tipo de cosas, ademas de disfrazarse de mujer, ser molestado en la escuela, etc. Solo para fans del genero.

Derek D (de) wrote: I was intruiged by this movie for some reason, not the least of which was the pairing of Flixster favorite Rickman with hip-hop star Mos Def. One of the best movies I've seen in years, even as the deck was stacked against Vivien for years.

Lisa K (de) wrote: I wanted to LOVE this film because it has Lili Taylor in it:) It was a good movie, don't get me wrong. Decent writing, creative dialogue, and some interesting images and scenes. However, I think this is Maggie Gyllenhaal at her worst. I just really could have cared less about her character. That, and the ending was somewhat abrupt. Overall though, I really did like it.

Kyle M (gb) wrote: Denzel's direction is pretty good, but so much of the credit goes to Derek Luke taking hold of this confused and screwed up kid that wants to do the right thing in his life because so many before him didn't. The acting outside of Washington and Luke isn't really that inspiring, but not many characters play a significant role besides them. It's a very inspiring and touching movie.

neil L (it) wrote: Good movie, I've seen it too many times

Tim M (jp) wrote: The Coen Brothers box off flop,'Barton Fink', is as well-acted as any of the duo's flicks. Dark and creepy, the brothers manage to build your trust and hit you with a missile in the third act. They are masters of the craft and this early work is no exception.

Robert P (kr) wrote: Alexandro Jodorowsky film always special movie.

Steven K (es) wrote: great movie and batman was awesome

Ed K (au) wrote: Even Jessica Alba in a bikini for 90 minutes can't redeem this completely predictable wash of a movie.

JuanKa P (br) wrote: Adaptacin de la novela de William Golding, 'Lord of the flies' y remake del clsico de 1963. Cuena la historia de un grupo de chicos de una escuela militar, que sobreviven a un accidente areo (en la versin original de 1963 eran cadetes britnicos sobreviviendo a un naufragio), con un nico adulto que est severamente herido e inconsciente. Para sobrevivir debern respetarse ciertas reglas y esto generar luchas de poder entre dos grupos, el de Ralph (Balthazar Getty) que pretender actuar civilizadamente y el de Jack (Chris Furrh) el de los cazadores que pintarn su rostro y empezarn a romper las reglas vigentes de sobrevivencia.

Ryan L (us) wrote: Mystic River is directed by the legendary Clint Eastwood and stars Sean Penn, Tim Robbins, Kevin Bacon, and Laurence Fishbourne in a drama about three childhood friends who after a tragic event go their separate ways and are reunited years later through another tragedy. everything about this movie is amazing. the acting, with both Sean Penn and Tim Robbins winning oscars, is superb. not a flaw in that department. the directing is subdued and beautiful. the writing, based off a a Dennis Lehane novel, is perfect. everything here is fantastic. the movie whips you over the head in the beginning with a disturbing opening sequence and it creates a tone that stays throughout the rest of the movie: disturbing. and it works. Mystic River really gets under your skin and stays there with its brutal emotional power. there's not a person alive who wouldn't be affected by this film. some find that a flaw. I do not. Mystic River is honest, sad, disturbing, heartfelt, emotionally heavy, and perfect.

Joseph B (fr) wrote: Aside from a few good jokes and clever moments, this is a joyless, repetitive sponge, a sponge which takes away your precious time. A sponge.

Griffin L (es) wrote: Possibly my favorite John Wayne movie.