Blood, Boobs & Beast

Blood, Boobs & Beast

Blood, Boobs and Beast tells the compelling story of Don Dohler, whose movies have been called everything from oddly brilliant to some of the worst films of all time. Despite his critics, ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:75 minutes
  • Release:2007
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:interview,   blood,   nudity,  

Blood, Boobs and Beast tells the compelling story of Don Dohler, whose movies have been called everything from oddly brilliant to some of the worst films of all time. Despite his critics, ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jarrett M (it) wrote: The Signal shows a lot of promise, but never seems to settle on what kind of movie it wants to be, and thus never really succeeds at anything that it does. There are several shifts in tone throughout the film that will make you wonder what exactly you are watching. Is it horror, sci-fi, drama, comedy, a dark pyschological thriller, or is it some or all of the above? I don't have that answer and I'm not so sure the filmmakers do either. While films can be multi-genre and effective, this one is not. It lacks any tansion beyond the intitial few minutes and even gets a little tedious through the second and third segment. The performances are acceptable, as is the writing. The makeup was well done to me and looked convincing. An interesting film in concept, but is ultimately let down in excecution. Watching this kind of felt like an odd mash up of Pontypool and 28 Days Later, both of which were considerably better films. I really can't recommend this to anyone but the diehards of the genre that will watch anything, and those looking to see how good a film can look on a low budget, about $50,000 I've heard. Then again, there are times when the film does show its low budgetness. I suggest you do plenty of research on this one before seeking it out to see if it still has your interest.

Kashaan M (jp) wrote: Pretty good.. Me & my Wife enjoyed it

Dana A (ca) wrote: This was cute and I had no idea Paz Vega could sing. Obviously low budget so the songs and dance numbers aren't the best and some does get lost in translation but for a light hearted comedy not bad.

Taylor L (us) wrote: I wanted to like this superhero kung-fu action movie, but it was incoherent and nothing is there. It's about a guy played by Jet Li who breaks out of a security cell and people want him to help them. A girl likes him and his friend thinks he needs to fight. But the character doesn't like violence and doesnt beat up anybody. I guess that explains how he wears a mask, throws discs at and kills criminals but doesn't beleive in violence. He is even seen carrying a machine gun at one point. I don't know, it's alright I guess, but it's pretty much a generic action movie that's made for TV. Pretty good for what it seems like I guess.

Michael L (it) wrote: Seeing BAD DAY AT BLACK ROCK on the big screen at the Castro Theatre adds a whole other layer of depth to this classic. John Sturges' solid, ostensibly simple but powerful direction builds tension so subtly you are totally unaware of the web of intrigue and deceit until you are inevitably trapped. BAD DAY AT BLACK ROCK is a truly masterful and influential classic!

Danny S (nl) wrote: Directing was such a new job to Stallone on this project that several times, cast and crew were in position, ready to do their jobs but they could not. They could not because Stallone would forget to yell, "Action." Sylvester Stallone told People magazine that his original idea for this script was to make all the main characters African-American. He could not find the financing for the film until he starred in it himself and changed the other characters to Italian-Americans.

ArYa DarMa D (br) wrote: 4/5 Ratings for Requim For a DreamF: 80%R :20%Crime 40% Drama 60%

Khaled H (us) wrote: it reminded me of Texas club buyers but in a bolder way, as usual Mark Ruffalo is brilliant and was so convincing to adapt a character which is really far from his personality.

Fwah S (kr) wrote: This unique stalk & Slash styled movie does a nice little job at presenting it's self. Michael Ironside performs very well as the mostly silent, creepy & intense looking scumbag Colt. Lee Grant gives a nice little performance & William Shatner is o.k. Due to this movie being mostly set in a hospital the backgrounds do become rather boring very quickly but this is made up with some great camera Angles. This is not a must see right now sort of movie but if you have the spare time you should give it a chance.