Blood Brides

Blood Brides

A bridal design shop owner kills various young brides-to-be in an attempt to unlock a repressed childhood trauma that's causing him to commit murder.

A bridal design shop owner kills various young brides-to-be in an attempt to unlock a repressed childhood trauma that's causing him to commit murder. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Blood Brides torrent reviews

Mylne L (ru) wrote: Trs bon film et trs bons acteurs qui vitent les caricatures. ?a fait plaisir de voir un si bon film franais ! :) A voir, vraiment.

Ron H (gb) wrote: Interesting insight to the prostitution life in Singapore, storyline was a little confusing though, no idea why Ananda's character was there for.

isa d (nl) wrote: i like the cheetah girls!!

Brandon W (nl) wrote: Herbie: Fully Loaded is one of those films that I actually watched when I was young. It was probably because of the car, I don't know. I haven't seen any of the other films, so this was the first Herbie film I seen. So after watching it again, it's a good movie that's harmless. It has enough laughs and cute moments to keep the kids entertained. The acting is good, and Lindsey Lohan is really good in it. The effects look awkward though, the plot is really nothing special, and it's cheesy. There's a typical villain in this as usual, but even the villain gets some laughs here and there. However, all of what Herbie: Fully Loaded was trying to do, is to entertain kids, while adults think it could've been better, which it did to both kids and parents.

Yan B (kr) wrote: Characters evolution through this fast action thriller is bringing in a couple of interesting moments of reflection. I did not like how they keet trying to give a 'Christian Morality' background, but overall, it's an easy/enjoyable movie.

Ben C (ag) wrote: Compelling and well acted court room drama; ends feeling a little hollow.

Camden N (mx) wrote: The problem with this film is that Antonio Margheriti made an art film, but Riz Ortolani scored a Corman Poe movie. Just goes to show how much an inappropriate score can hurt a movie. All the same it was an enjoyable and original take on the gothic haunted house story, predating Mario Bava's great film Lisa and the Devil in its metaphysical take on sex, death, and hints of necrophilia. The cinematography was good for the most part, but at times I found it to be too bright for its own good. I almost wish Margheriti could've hired Bava to photograph the film!All in all a solid gothic chiller with much to recommend about it, and one that's more thoughtful than most horror films of the day. I'm interested in seeing Margheriti's second attempt (Web of the Spider), though by all accounts it's pretty lackluster in comparison. Surely it'll be worth it just to see the master of intense acting (Klaus Kinski) trying his hand at playing a most intense artist (Poe)!


Ilsa L (ca) wrote: Andre de Toth gives this otherwise paint by numbers noir atmosphere and edginess that elevate it to the next level. Sterling Hayden is terrific as the world weary detective.

Anthony V (jp) wrote: All the great action stars of the 80s come together for a romp in the cheese. Lots of fun, but the ultra violent climax kicks it up a notch above a normal time waster. Stallone still knows how to make an enjoyable action film.