Blood Crime

Blood Crime

For burned-out Seattle cop Daniel Pruitt, a camping trip turns hellish when his wife, Jessica, is savagely attacked in the forest. En route to the hospital, the Pruitts collide with a semi, and Jessica identifies the driver as her assailant. Enraged, Pruitt pummels the man. Once at the ER, however, she changes her mind and names a male nurse as her attacker. But before Pruitt can make amends, he learns that his victim, the son of Sheriff Morgan McKenna, is dead

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:88 minutes
  • Release:2002
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
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For burned-out Seattle cop Daniel Pruitt, a camping trip turns hellish when his wife, Jessica, is savagely attacked in the forest. En route to the hospital, the Pruitts collide with a semi,... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Blood Crime torrent reviews

Clark H (us) wrote: Good: Most believable children/family relationship in any film I've ever seen with Jude Law and his on screen children.Bad: Everything else.

Courtney T (nl) wrote: Not my kind of movie. . .

Adrienne L (es) wrote: A great cast and a good story entertain right up until the finale when the film just seems to stop at no particular place of closure. Otherwise I think its a lot fo fun to watch. Alesandro Nivola should make more movies. He's hot, talented, and very sexy.

Phil H (it) wrote: So apart from 'Angel Town' this was Oliver Gruner's other best known vehicle, probably one of director Pyun's best known films also. The plot is again about androids in human form and borrows heavily from many many other sci-fi films most probably the Terminator franchise.Despite the fact this is a low budget sci-fi action flick the plot is so darn twisty. Basically its all about a cop who is part machine (body enhancements), trying to track down and stop rebel freedom fighters. These rebels are figthing against the government that are allowing a new type of android to take over which is duplicating or replacing people, or something like that.Of course Gruner's half android character realises what is happening and changes sides to battle against the evil government assassins. These assassins are led by the wonderful low budget sci-fi master Tim Thomerson and bad guy regular Brion James, both of which give brilliantly hammy performances.To be honest the plot is messy and confusing, so many characters and names flying about its easy to get lost at times. That aside the action is actually pretty good throughout the film with some really impressive set pieces and stunt work. Its not original by any means but there are some great camera angles, cool weaponry, plenty of squib action all coupled with a low budget visual appearance which gives that gritty and realistic look.I must also give kudos to the neat android effects, the odd moment when someone gets blasted and we see their robotic interior. You'd think it would look terrible but its actually quite good, not stunning but very acceptable if completely unoriginal. The finale fight sequence against a mechanical endoskeleton kinda reminds you of something.Impressive cast of character actors too I might add, Pyun always manages to get good B-list stars. I gotta admit I do like the visuals in this film, that kind of slightly colourless/washed out, cyber punk, wasteland set dystopian future. The action is way over the top but fun whilst Gruner looks good and does fit into this world perfectly.

Panos M (fr) wrote: Fun to watch. Ryder was very good.

Maryam S (it) wrote: I liked it better when I watched it at age 14. Still it's a period movie and a good 1 so it'll stay in my favorites list. Besides, this is probably the only movie in which Helena is looking so cute & innocent.

Corpse M (ag) wrote: brutal, very brutal tale. one of dmx best

Kimberly W (us) wrote: Definitely not as good as the first one!

Chris M (it) wrote: Okay, I started this movie thinking "There must be something good about it seeing as though it has a big cast and sprouted three sequels." It follows a traditional "catch a monster" horror structure but it's not scary, the special effects look second grade (even for the 90s), and it's completely predictable. One thing I did like, though, was the refreshing cast that somehow said "yes" to being in this movie.