Blood Done Sign My Name

Blood Done Sign My Name

A drama based on the true story in which a black Vietnam-era veteran is allegedly murdered by a local white businessman who is later exonerated. The plot focuses on the role of a local high school teacher and the civil unrest that followed the acquittal.

A drama based on the true story in which a black Vietnam-era veteran is allegedly murdered by a local white businessman who is later exonerated. The plot focuses on the role of a local high school teacher and the civil unrest that followed the acquittal. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Donna S (kr) wrote: Loved this movie. It was interesting and funny!

Peneflix M (au) wrote: The 2011 film "Like Crazy" starring Felicity Jones and Anton Yelchin was a delightful slice of fluff that I saw with trepidation; because of the word "like"; robbed of its legitimacy by contemporary vernacular; bastardized, used as a verbal pause, conversations lengthened 50% by its ubiquitous repetition; car alarms, nails on a blackboard, sleeplessness are preferable to its resounding, droning, stupid, repetitious use. The protagonists in "Like Crazy" were intelligent, and even though they strayed from the script, "like" did not spew forth with every spoken thought. "The Color Wheel" filmed in grainy black and white 16mm, indiscriminate year; follows a brother and sister over a weekend journey to collect her belongings from her teacher/lover; she was studying broadcast journalism. Alex Ross Perry and Carlen Altman co- wrote the script and portray the troubled brother and sister: "Colin" and "JR". Colin is nerdy, scrappily humorous; wry, slashing wit, masking a mountain of vulnerabilities; his disdainful, caustic treatment of his sister (shunned by her parents) adds pulp and flavor to the first half of the film. JR is moderately attractive; tastelessly dressed in sleazy, slutty guise; not a fragment, or a prayer of ever becoming even a "weather girl" on national TV. ( I harbor no angst against weather girls.) The movie sinks miserably into a quagmire of "likedom" from the moment we meet the Professor/Teacher/Lover of JR. A Professor of Journalism who cannot complete a 10 -word- sentence without 5 "like's"; was this irony on the part of the writers? The disease, "like" the Black Plague spreads from actor to actor, one excruciating scene after another; bombarding, crucifying, sacrificing anything worthwhile on the altar of one four- letter- word. The movie's disturbingly 83 minutes, even with a reel change (first since childhood), easily reduced to 60 minutes with the elimination of --! The last scene, a monologue, immensely "like-infused" is potently problematic, traumatic, unsettling. But to save you emotionally and financially, will give you a "spoiler" on request! ONE & 1/2 STARS! For Now.....Peneflix

Kelsey K (it) wrote: Over blown with annoying characters and obnoxious crap flying across the screen. May be entertaining to little kids, but not for people over the age of 8.

Jay B (mx) wrote: Story had potential... spfx need a hand. Does offer a a chill or two, but will certainly not be a film you dust off very often. Best scene? Dead hubby UNLEASHES on horny homeboy.

Philip S (ca) wrote: If ever there was a story that's been over adapted, it's Charles Dickens' classic "A Christmas Carol". One could spend a week--if not more--counting the various adaptations of this story--whether it be on stage, on the big screen, or the small screen. But if ever there was a great adaptation that the entire family could watch together without worrying about impact on kids, it's Warner Brothers' "Bah Humduck". Perhaps the only things that some younger audiences might question are the scene with the Ghost of Christmas Future, and the ghost of Christmas Present. The scene with Scrooge encountering the final spirit is one that is difficult in any adaptation of this story. It is extremely dark and forboding. Thus, it always has the potential to be at least somewhat unsettling for younger audiences. Having that knowledge, Warner Brothers made a valiant effort to lighten the mood of the scene, by putting Taz into the role of the Ghost of Christmas Future. Having him yuck it up wih Daffy helps to lighten the mood, if only little. Warner Brothers should be applauded for this effort. Another scene that might have some audiences--young and old alike--curious is that of the ghost of Christmas Present. Yosemite Sam takes Daffy to see Porky's moment with his daughter. There's no mention of where her mother is in all of this. And if memory serves right, the original Looney Tunes cartoons had Porky and Petunia together to some extent. So one can't help but wonder about that situation. That aside, seeig Sam playing a more sympathetic role was out of character. Maybe that's why he was chosen for the role. It made the moment more heartwarming. Although, a holiday special, with Sam as Scrooge has been done already, ableit less known than this one. The only real downside to the dvd presentation of this great Looney Tunes holiday story was in the bonus features. The mini-game included in the bonus features was meant to be played on one's dvd player. It probably would have been better suited for a computer. Being forced to use ones dvd remote can be somewhat cumbersome. Also, the segment focusing on the music offered little extra enjoyment. It pitted the movie's musicians against various scenes in the movie. It was a fun little music video, but little else. The general lack of bonus features aside, Warner Brothers has managed to adapt it in a way that makes it fun and funny. It is a great holiday film for the whole family. And, it is a classic that perhaps unlike so many other adapations of this story, will be a favorite for many more generations.

Michael S (ca) wrote: Hits home. Especially if you have got children!!

Toh H (de) wrote: good plot, good performance from the cast. do not expect too much action as the film is more focus on the story telling.

Tony P (jp) wrote: Silly 1980s comedy that was a hit on its release and enjoys high ratings.Basically it is the story of an American teenager called Ferris Bueller (Matthew Broderick) who wags school for the day with a phoney medical condition and enjoys the day 'off' to full effect visiting several Chicago locales on the way.The film plays like an eighties US Carry On/National Lampoon's film and features a cameo from Charlie Sheen and Jennifer Grey (Dirty Dancing) as Buellers bitter sister.It is one of those brain free films that take up some time on a Saturday afternoon when there are no football matches but it is certainly something I won't watch ever again.One thing that got me thinking. Some strict headteacher wastes a full day near enough trying to 'catch' Bueller in his truancy act. Typical.

Jamie C (mx) wrote: From the beginning we knew it was going to be a film that's never going to take itself seriously as we have Stallone singing the soundtrack in the opening scene, As for the film well it's directed, Written by Stallone and Rocky was still fresh in 87 and you can tell that it was a big influence, apart from it's about wrestling not boxing and Stallone is the trainer, He trains his brother who like Rocky is not the sharpest tool in the shed but is good at what he does and has a big heart, The whole film just felt like a wrestling remake of Rocky, It starts very slow but soon picks up when the fights start, As for the fights they were pretty well done, My only problem was there was the cringe worthy humour thrown in that sometimes was funny but most just silly that kind of ruind parts of the film, Overall it's underrated and yet another film Stallone deserves credit for but won't be remembered for it.

Reed V (ca) wrote: A by the numbers thriller with standout performances by Hanks and Rylance.

Thomas S (gb) wrote: A testament to cancer