Blood Equity

Blood Equity

Explores the dark side of America's biggest blood sport - and the players who give their lives to it. Three time Super Bowl Champion Roman Phifer produced this film that focuses on the ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kinohi N (nl) wrote: A bit too fawning for my liking, but the rare footage of Playboy's media output during the 1950s and '60s is well worth watching.

bill s (it) wrote: Right up there with the worst movies of the year and one of if not the worst Costner starring vehicle.

Benjamin W (gb) wrote: Kind of a female "Dead Poet's Society", but with a lot more lies and catty fighting.I almost wish they focused more on the art in this film, but the "housewife factory" aspect was quite interesting as a replacement.

Apoorva G (fr) wrote: nice story... big hit of the 1990s in the US

Miguel A (au) wrote: Enquanto realizador, Bob Fosse nunca se acanhou de desmascarar as vidas das celebridades para, com alguma brutalidade, expor o que essas tm de mais trgico e efmero. F-lo vrias vezes encarando olhos nos olhos os vrios cenrios problemticos, como bom aluno de Cassavetes que , mas nem sempre conseguiu dos seus actores a mesma subtileza que o seu professor obteve em esplendidos filmes de ensemble como "Faces" ou "Opening Night". O derradeiro filme de Fosse, "Star 80", oferece alguns pontos interessantes sobre a fragilidade dos contos de fadas made in Hollywood, mas a sua dupla principal nunca convence por completo na alternncia entre o over-acting de Eric Roberts e a passividade de Mariel Hemingway. Bastante inferior a "Lenny" e bem menos memorvel, "Star 80" mesmo assim um filme a ver.

Ernest C (ca) wrote: While this film is not for me, I recognise the film's quality and De Niro's performance (his skill appears to have been underused as of late).

Kevin R (de) wrote: I hope he died quickly for his sake and mine.Tony Fenner is an American in Cuba with visions of bringing down the Cuban dictator and he has the financial backing to make it happen. When he discovers that the president and the majority of his strength will all be at one place at one time, Fenner plans an extravagant assassination attempt. As he makes his plans he recruits numerous locals, including a woman whose brother was murdered by the president's men (they fall in love). Will Fenner and his recruits free Cuba or will local law enforcement bring him down?"We all have stuff we want to keep hidden...even the best of us."John Huston, director of The Maltese Falcon, The African Queen, The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, The Man Who Would be King, and Prizzi's Honor, delivers We Were Strangers. The storyline for this picture is very interesting and contained better than anticipated characters (that were definitely fun to follow). The villains are very well presented and the conclusion is unpredictable. The acting is solid and the cast includes Jennifer Jones, John Garfield, Gilbert Roland, Ramon Novarro, and Pedro Armendariz. "Are you crazy?""Perhaps. I don't know what sanity is anymore."I always try to DVR John Huston pictures when they air on Turner Classic Movies (TCM). This picture hasn't received quality reviews on rottentomatoes...and I don't understand why. I felt the final shootout was awesome and the ultimate conclusion was gripping and well done. Overall, this is a worthwhile picture that I definitely recommend seeing once."They have one hundred faces and one name."Grade: A

Suanne S (us) wrote: Worth seeing for Ball's performance and especially Karloff's, but it's too long by a good 15 minutes, and terribly cliched. George Sanders is dreadfully miscast; there's not only no chemistry between him and Ball, he is completely unconvincing as a romantic lead. Formulaic plot destroys any suspense that we might have felt; we know who didn't do it from the beginning, and we know "who done it" much, much too early.

Carol Ann M (ca) wrote: A bit different but good.

Guilherme J (br) wrote: Mais uma atuao excelente de Saiorse Ronan em um filme que constri com especial cuidado uma atmosfera crescente de apocalipse. How I Live Now um filme inusitado, inesperado e surpreendente em diversos sentidos.

RJ G (jp) wrote: good movie on an overplayed genre. some new twists. acting was good.

Todd G (br) wrote: Even the weak moments are saved by Poitier, who invests his role with a subtle warmth. (Time)