Blood Feud

Blood Feud

Titina Paterno, a widow in a small coastal town in Sicily, goes insane after the death of her husband. She cannot stop telling whoever wants to hear her that Vito Acicatena, the fascist bigwig of the region was the one responsible of the crime. Justice, alas, will not do anything to punish this criminal, but Titina, in her own way, will be Vito's worst nightmare.

In pre-World War II Sicily, just as the fascists come to power, two men fall in love with the same woman. The changes in their country's politics ultimately take all three on a journey across the ocean to New York. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Blood Feud torrent reviews

Kathy L (ca) wrote: This was the most awesome movie I have ever seen I think. Great story and its definitely at least a 3 kleenex movie.

William W (fr) wrote: An unnecessary waste of a great cast. Poor direction and script.

Ben D (ru) wrote: I admire the film's production values and lavish costumes and the film is fairly engrossing throughout, but it's bogged down by this horrible, melodramatic love story. The film would have been much better had it focused on this girl's life as a geisha, rather than make it a romance. Unfortunately, they went with the latter and the film is just average instead of fantastic.

Tyler F (mx) wrote: This is probably one of my favorite films of all time. It really opened my eyes and made me feel bad for all the times i have judged others based on first impressions.

Anthony V (us) wrote: Tries hard, but doesn't come to much.

Dana D (gb) wrote: Best line in any movie

Troy W (mx) wrote: Any body who gives this films a low rating is an intellectually stunted jackass with no sense of humor or quality screen writing. Bean is amazingly written and executed. A classic comedy, the kind that rarely gets made anymore. The screenplay is objectively brilliant with a great subplot, great plot devices and genius gags that are not only funny but pull the plot line in for a perfect finish. It's a shame that there are people who actually get paid (critics) to give their opinion on a subject they seem to know very little of. I studied this film for a screenwriting course and to a trained eye I can say it is very, very well done.

Layla F (ca) wrote: This is probably my favourite film of all time (or at least one of them) - not for the subject matter or anything like that. It is just the best script and most brilliant direction I have seen. Every scene is completely necessary for the balance of its surrounding scenes. The characters are marvellously rendered. I love this movie! Richard Kwietniowski is a genius film-maker.

Victor M (us) wrote: The bad lieutenant doesn't have a name, it doesn't matter. This bad cop has probably all the vices. What it matters, are his acts and the redemption that he looks for in the end. A rough but honest film, maybe too rough for sensitive people. Harvey Keitel give us an outstanding performance for a difficult character.

Matthew S (it) wrote: A good film featuring a great turn by Sally Field. However, it does not live up to the praise that it has been given.

Karolina B (ag) wrote: Pirma karta matau taip gerai vaidinant girtus zmones. Siaip nelabai ka cia ir prikomentuosi, patiko! Vien aktoriu naturalios mimikos, absurdiskos situacijos, charakteriai ziauriai juokino.

x x (ru) wrote: It's an almost forensic dissection of Bergman's own faith, a chamber play in which the players are an unbelieving husband, an oblivious little brother, and a noncommittal father taking care of a mentally unstable girl whose malady is belief. The cold, spartan setting is harsh and simple, an ideal location for a chamber piece and a mirror of the characters' bare interactions with one another, and the film's double entendre develops gradually through the film until language and symbols become explicit in the end.

Ken S (fr) wrote: Buddha Shrugged.I think the story Gainesburg tells at the end would make a better movie than this one.

Iain S (nl) wrote: Very real, hard hitting drama. Great soundtrack too

Rick M (mx) wrote: The only thing I hated was Flash.I don't know why we needed a Love Story anyways!

Melvin S (it) wrote: Its a interesting movie

Stanford C (de) wrote: Stunning, innovative animation and a clever premise get bogged down with a mediocre script.

Christophe G (fr) wrote: Zou een hele goede film zijn als hij niet zo verwarrend was verteld. Maar ja, oorlog in de jungle is waarschijnlijk heel verwarrend :-p