Blood First

Blood First

O and Rico may have different mothers but the blood of their father, Raqmaan, a hustler, runs deep in their veins and creates a bond between them that is unbreakable. When one of their associates thinks he's been double crossed by them and becomes a FBI informant the brothers must decide between abiding by the code of the streets or trying to save themselves. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki

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Blood First torrent reviews

Nick A (es) wrote: A masterwork of film craft and implicitness through such, and almost certainly among the most exhausting cinema experiences of all time.

Devilish G (nl) wrote: Recommended for any Bollywood lovers because it has almost everything that a good Bollywood movie needs: handsome and muscular man, pretty lady, catchy tunes, great dance... and most important of all, a happy ending :)

AZ D (jp) wrote: A surprisingly entertaining martial arts B- buddy movie! (Wow that's a mouthful!) You got Billy Blanks kicking some major butt along side his inferior in martial arts and clumsy partner Jalal Merhi. I say clumsy because his fight moves look as coordinated as a drunk trying to take a sobriety test while blindfolded!! But this is what makes the movie great to watch. Bad acting, ridiculous plot, bumbling martial arts and some great fight scenes delivered by Mr. Tae Bo himself !! Oh! Did I mention the great James Hong is in it? A definite pick for a night in with friends!!

Marc S (ca) wrote: The movie takes some artistic liberties, of course, but it's a good story even if it reveals the uglier side of America. I like especially how it delves into the reasons that people make the decisions that they do. You might think this movie is a bit over the top till you see footage of the actual hearings.

Lau K (kr) wrote: A great and classic love story where sadness and happiness meet together.

Dianna D (jp) wrote: I had no idea when I started it, how powerful it would turn out to be.

vikas v (ru) wrote: Fly beyond the skies with me,Our Fantasia of Love to be;never-ending, hearts ascending,therepeutic remedyflying high and free.Over clouds, over the sea,sailing to Heaven above,in the springtime,beautiful ringtime,we will fly on wings of a dove,God is our shepherd -this is our song!God is our Shepherd, my Love.

I dont know w (it) wrote: Known as a pretty underrated film, with a pretty interesting story.

Antoinnette F (us) wrote: can be boring in some parts. macht was yummy though!

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