Blood Island

Blood Island

Five friends head for Belize for the vacation of their lives. When a mysterious stranger hands one of them a 'treasure' map, the seemingly idyllic vacation suddenly takes a bizarre and ...

Five friends head for Belize for the vacation of their lives. When a mysterious stranger hands one of them a 'treasure' map, the seemingly idyllic vacation suddenly takes a bizarre and ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Keith B (es) wrote: This movie is well worth seeing.

Brad S (gb) wrote: I enjoyed this one which falls into one of my favourite genres, the horror-comedy. It has an excellent cast with Aubrey Plaza, Dane DeHaan, John C. Reilly, Molly Shannon, Paul Reiser, Cheryl Hines and Anna Kendrick. I listed them all to emphasize how many strong actors there are, as they are what makes it worth watching. The movie starts out decently and is fairly amusing, but it just can't sustain itself. Worth watching for any fans of the actors or the genre, but for a similar film that was better executed, check out "Warm Bodies".

Jay T (us) wrote: For me, Liberal Art is a promising story held back by its leading character, Jesse. Jesse is a naive 35 year old college graduate that we're supposed to find charming and intelligent, but I found him irritating. The supporting cast seemed more genuine in their humanity than he did. Jesse was more like the idea of a man than an actual one. So, I'm left with mixed feelings about this film. Elizabeth Olsen's character was fun to watch. In fact, she is more of a leading character in this movie than Jesse could ever hope to be.

Krystal W (mx) wrote: What can be learned from Exorcismus? When left to their own devices, financial economists don't typically make very good screenwriters.

Mika M (nl) wrote: A decent documentary about the history of Apple and some of its revolutionary products.

Al M (us) wrote: A thoroughly crappy piece of backwoods horror, Albino Farm finally gets interesting in the last five minutes, but, by then, it is too little and too late to save this poorly acted, boring, and uninspired horror film....

Theoni A (au) wrote: Natalia Avelon's beauty and a short but astonishingly shot sequence of a motorcycle accident make up for this movie's hollowness.

Tami S (nl) wrote: Surprise, Jeremy Renner is in this movie. I didn't like the language, particularly at the beginning but this movie ended up being good. To me, the character of Ned was someone who was easily led around and probably had a low IQ. However, he was able to look past some of his prejudices and fall for Rachael. Again, I think Jeremy Renner's performance as Ned allows you to look past some of his tough to accept exterior and see past that-he's more than just a one dimensional character. Worth a look.

Bronwyn V (au) wrote: Bloody brilliant movie, funny from start to finish, great cast

Steven L (de) wrote: The Cannes winner in 1985, this film tackles the toll a war takes on one family that has its own dysfunctions. A working knowledge of 20th century Yugolav history would help with comprehension, but it's still an effective story.

Judge L (gb) wrote: Classic Western Comedy.Great cast..lots of good laughs.6/30/14Always a fun one to watch

Luke H (ru) wrote: not a bad film adaptation considering it's adapted from a book that is very hard to portray in a cinematic version.

Marc L (kr) wrote: J'aime les zombies. J'aime les nazis (au cinma dans les deux cas, pas la peine de saisir la justice). Alors mes yeux, un film avec des nazis zombies s'apparente une sorte de Saint-Graal. Surtout que 'Outpost : Black sun', squelle d'un modeste film fantastique britannique sorti voici une poigne d'annes, fait un usage tout ce qu'il y a plus ludique des multiples thories pseudo-historiques qui leur ont t consacres, en l'occurence l'existence d'un bunker secret, au coeur duquel la matrise de la thorie du champs quantique unifi - c'est pas moi qui le dis - a permis la survie d'une unit allemande invulnrable soixante ans aprs la fin de la guerre. Aprs une introduction qui ouvre de belles perspectives, la nature minimaliste de 'Outpost : Black sun' se fait rapidement ressentir, l'instar de n'importe quelle production de genre dote d'un budget un seul chiffre. Cette fois pourtant, c'est au niveau d'un scnario brouillon et de dialogue confus que le bt blesse, alors mme que les scnes d'action tenaient leur rang de faon tout fait honorable compte tenu des faibles moyens de la chose, et que les SS zombifis se dbrouillaient pour produire leur petit effet...

Ivan M (us) wrote: Definitivamente la mejor pelcula de futbol americano por excelencia que he visto en mi vida, una gran historia, excelentemente llevada, no te aburres en ninguna parte de la pelcula, escenas de mucha pasin y completamente conmovedora y apasionante

Mike M (mx) wrote: I wanted it to be better. It was pretty mucn and bunch of people of a certain age reminiscing about the good ole.days. Which it made me do too.