Blood Junkie

Blood Junkie

A hyper-hipster 1980s horror comedy about a group of teenagers that discover a mysterious abandoned building where bad things happen. Shot in Wisconsin for $6000, Blood Junkie is a refreshing new vision in DIY independent film making.

A hyper-hipster 1980s horror comedy about a group of teenagers that discover a mysterious abandoned building where bad things happen. Shot in Wisconsin for $6000, Blood Junkie is a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sylvester K (ru) wrote: The reliance on being offensive only gets you this far. InAPPropriate comedy was a disastrous sketch comedy featuring (sadly) top ranked actors, I did not laugh for a single moment, almost cried for Brody's performance.

Sarah P (gb) wrote: As far as Casey Affleck's acting goes, the rest of the film is stringed along by it's incapability to show raw emotion through characters and bland story telling.

Jim H (br) wrote: The marriage between a successful actress and a sportswriter suffers as a result of jealousy, distance, and the nature of her profession.After watching this film, you shouldn't wonder why relationships in Hollywood last as long as milk on a hot day. Yvan Attal's deft, comic story-telling renders all the awkwardness a man might feel while watching his wife naked on screen. And the scene in which he surprises her on set only to find the entire cast and crew naked is truly hilarious. I'm glad that the film stopped at sexual jealousy and didn't suggest that Yvan was emasculated because his wife's success eclipsed his own. Such a plot would have been cliche and reduced Yvan's character to nothing more than a typically insecure male.Terence Stamp is perfectly cast as the cad co-star who crosses the line between creating "on-screen chemistry" and seducing another man's wife. His lecherous looks make him dangerously charming, and there is the right amount of self-aggrandizing to make his character worthy of comic ridicule. I was fully prepared to go as high as four stars until the end. I don't know what Attal was thinking, but the story never resolved. We never know what motivates this couple's decision, and as a result, it's difficult to determine what exactly Attal is saying about these characters or the business of filmmaking.Overall, though, My Wife Is an Actress provides some brilliant moments and is filled with charming performances.

Jake E (ca) wrote: Hysterical.... dark, but hysterical. Stronger in the first half but a must see if you can find it.

Ville H (au) wrote: Eastwoodin 80-luvun toiminnallisiin komedioihin kuuluu nemm mys tmmnen, aika klassinen tarina kovasta upseerista, joka ptt panna soltut aisoihin. Naisia kaatuu, vitsi lent ja isot jtkt saa Klintilt turpaan. Lopussa pakollinen sotaretki. Ei tm nyt kovin hyv ollu, mutta ei varsinaisesti mitenkn huonokaan.

Joel A (ag) wrote: A very odd, dry humored slight British was just such an oddly done film. It just was so underplayed it was confusing.Many scenes where really confusing & unclear and the actors roles especially Lancaster's was so odd & out of place.There are few so-so scenes here & there but the film doesn't really go anywhere at all & leaves you feeling 'Did I Miss Something?'

Brandon Y (gb) wrote: This is about as perfect a suspense movie as you can get. This is probably in my top 10 favorite movies.

David J (nl) wrote: sprawling epic story of the French Revolution....despite having a great director and an epic scale the film seemed a little impersonal even though it made a continual point of viewing events from several "common" people's points of view.

Keano A (it) wrote: After seeing the original trilogy for the first time, (I only saw the 1st film more than 10 years ago, and only glimpses of 2 & 3), I wanted to view this series. This one is slower getting to the business than the first movie. First half of the movie stumbles trying to get through the origin story, so it took longer than the 2002 film to get through it. Ben Parker's bit I feel was strangely done. I think I preferred the elder Aunt May as well.The second half of the film and the action scenes are very good for this film, it's one of those movies that starts off terrible, but gets greater later. I felt the original was all-around great, and got terrible at the end. Mary Jane I feel is still /The/ Spider-Girl (she became self-centred in 3, but we're comparing the initial films).As for Spider-Man himself, I feel Tobey McGuire is still a better Spider-Man, with both values and emotions, but modern Spider-Man is pretty much a meme, it's like the script writer went on 9Gag to get ideas. His initial scene in suit and with the car thief, is the meme. He stops being a meme during the climax at least. Tobey became the meme much, much later. Andrew started out as the meme. Somehow I feel these movies shouldn't be comparable to each other, but it's hard not to do so.

Leonard D (br) wrote: Not bad. Some people can be offended by all the fat shaming, however.