Blood Moon Rising

Blood Moon Rising

The Devil's daughter rises from the grave bringing with her zombies, werewolves, vampires and the armies of Hell to destroy Earth. Mankind's only salvation is a young hippie girl and a comic book geek Darrel.

In 1969, an ancient curse effect on all over the world of the living, with werewolves, vampires, zombies. And a team of a hippie chick and a comic book nerd is established to save the world. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Amanda H (mx) wrote: The next time someone asks me why music means so much to me, I'm going to refer them to this film. It's a beautiful depiction of the power of music and the memories and feelings it can trigger, and the dynamic between the two lead actors is phenomenal. I was so impressed with everything about this movie.

Toysorama (mx) wrote: Almost all the Micheal Bay-isms are gone, but that actually makes the movie worse. The transformers are on screen for 1/2 the time. 1/2 the time they're on screen they fight. That means only 1/4 of the movie is showing the transformers in a fight scene. The rest is unfunny humor, big breasted woman getting out of cars, human fighting, and stereotypes. At least when the transformers were fighting it was good. But it brought spirit. And that's what mattersGrade: C

Babak I (ru) wrote: Weird movie... very weird.

Giselle Wednesday C (nl) wrote: Using street kids instead of actors isn't necessarily neo-realist. I felt it was a disservice to these children to make them re-live and/or recreate such graphic, painful experiences. There are ways to be honest and raw without being exploitative. Did their lives change for the better, or did the director use them and leave them back on the street? Fernando Ramas Da Silva, who portrayed Pixote, never fully left a life of crime and was shot by police at the age of nineteen.

Davey M (ca) wrote: Some thoughts after watching a film entitled Dirty Ho.1. I totally am paying college tuition to watch kung fu movies with titles like Dirty Ho.2. Note: This is not a bad thing.3. The Seven Tigresses are freaky.4. I am going to call my family members from henceforth: Brother 2, Uncle 7, Cousin 53, et al.And, last but not least:5. I do not want to be king. I want to surround myself with paintings and antiques and kung fu.

Bill B (gb) wrote: I have to say that I am happy to strike this from the list of Movie Shame titles that I have 'needed' to see for all these years, as it's truly a wonderful film and a pitch-perfect example of the Film Noir genre. It has also kicked off a renewed interest in me for all things Film Noir, so I foresee a lot of rentals and blind-buys in my immediate future.Robert Mitchum is amazing in this film, laconic and grouchy, resigned to deal with the things life throws at him in a very realistic manner.Highly Recommended.

Douglas C (de) wrote: I watched this documentary because I have always had a fascination about the code breakers of the German Enigma machines. I had little knowledge about the man Alan Turing other than knowing he was part of the code breaking team and that he had something to do with modern computers. The facts and information about his life and scientific achievements alone are reasons enough to watch this movie. To learn what happened to him post war is incredible. I left the movie emotionally upset and disturbed, thinking about how horrible creatures we can be as humans. I know it was a different time and people thought differently than today but this movie has stuck with me and in my thoughts long after viewing it. I highly recommend this movie for anyone interested in this man, his part in the advancement to the field of science and computers as well as anyone interested in the history of homosexuality.

Meredith W (ru) wrote: "54" tells the story of the world famous New York night club Studio 54 at a time when disco was king. In a plotline similar to that of "Boogie Nights", the story is told through the eyes of Shane O'Shea (Ryan Phillippe), a young man from New Jersey who manages to get onto the guest list and into the very exclusive club and soon manages to secure himself a job at the club as bartender. A number of plot lines emerge, none of which are adequately explored, however, this is a movie about so much more than narrative. And, while Mike Meyers was lauded for his portrayal of club-owner Steve Rubell, it is the soundtrack that is the real star.