Blood Night: The Legend of Mary Hatchet

Blood Night: The Legend of Mary Hatchet

Local teens have long commemorated the death of 'Mary Hatchet' -- a girl who took an ax and killed her family in the 1970s -- with the aptly named Blood Night. But things never got truly bloody until Mary's ghost (Samantha Facchi) decided to make an appearance. Dead bodies are piling up, and Mary seems to be calling the shots. But there are secrets about her past that have yet to be uncovered. Nate Dushku co-stars in this slasher flick.

Some teenagers celebrate the anniversary of an ax murderer's death, then find themselves face to face with the legendary creature. As they run from the bloody rampage left behind they'll need to survive the night to expose the truth behind it. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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ANGELA V (it) wrote: Its the best movie in the world.

Matt Z (mx) wrote: I cannot say that it was "eye-opening," as I certainly expected no better from that quasi anarcho-hippie / socialistic excuse for a movement (though even calling it one at all is giving the Occupiers too much credit). However, it certainly was highly informative and alarming, and it confirmed my worst fears of the Radical Left in America, which, as this film documents, is alive and well...Moreover, I must say that it was also a great testament to the great work and unwavering dedication of Andrew Breitbart to the cause of freedom and sound-minded Conservative principles, may he rest in peace.

Ben F (nl) wrote: Documentary movie about one of the great horse men. Very insightful and a real watch for a Amy horse lover

Marnie Z (br) wrote: I expected this to be a bit more fun than it was.. Actually I've come to the conclusion I'm just not a big fan of Werner Herzog films..

Jason E (ag) wrote: Incredible performance by Con O'Neill in this tragic story of success, bad business decisions, failure, depression......great film with an equally great soundtrack.

Elliss D (nl) wrote: Just Buried: A Comedy Of [Homicidal] ErrorsJust Buried is another pot of comedic gold at the end of the Canadian rainbow, starring our favorite go-to woobie Jay Baruchel and the prolific Rose Byrne of Bridesmaids fame. The long and short of it? Watch it.Just Buried was released in 2007, so I'm nearly a decade late to the party on this one, but I had high hopes for this pairing, having seen both actors progress in their more recent careers. Baruchel's most known for his collaborations with fellow incognito-Canadian Seth Rogen in films like Knocked Up and This Is The End, where he plays a loveable guy who gets kicked around by fate (and Just Buried is no departure). Byrne's a little harder to pin down - she'd played in everything from super-hero flicks to horrors like Insidious, with a smattering of indie thrown in for good measure - so I was delighted to discover a new facet of her skill-set in Just Buried, where she plays an obsessive mortician with a ludicrous but lovable knack for accidental crime.At its heart Just Buried could be compared to a number of other David-Goliath underdog comedies like Dodgeball or The Longest Yard, but it goes further than that. It's a buddy-tale between protagonist Oliver (Baruchel) and Roberta (Byrne) in the same vein as I Love You Man, featuring two very different but surprisingly compatible strangers who form a fast friendship (plus, later on, the inevitable wish-fulfillment fantasy typical of these sorts of films, where the nerdy nervous hero takes a corner in life and finds himself at the absurd center of a number of women and their rapidly escalating sexual advances). But first and foremost, it's a comedy of errors. Oliver, in town for his estranged father's funeral, expected a quick in-and-out visit; that is, until the will is executed, and Oliver inherits his father's funeral home. It's only later that he's informed his own father is the home's first 'customer' in a year. The business has been ailing ever since sleaze-ball Wayne Snarr (Christopher Shore) opened a rival funeral home, interdicting which his greasy marketing all the 'clients' from the retirement home which had been a goldmine for Oliver's father. The setup for the underdog comedy is obvious, but it's a trope viewers seemingly never tire of, and I daresay a funeral-home is a fresher take on the genre than a dodgeball team (or any sporting team, for that matter).While command of the funeral home, Oliver meets Roberta, the young, somewhat creepy mortician as well as the local coroner. Nervous Oliver (who suffers a nosebleed every time he gets nervous, often to hilarious effect) bumbles through their encounters until Roberta takes pity on him and takes him out for drinks. It's here the film takes a turn into the absurd, which predictably is when the comedy kicks in.After their cocktails and beers Oliver insists he probably shouldn't be driving. Eternally upbeat Roberta insists "everyone around here does it", and they hop in the truck and take backroads. Everything's going fine, and we're starting so suspect some unlikely romantic undertones, until Oliver looks away from the road for a moment...... And just like that, the funeral home's got another customer. For once, things seem to go right for Oliver. His first official funeral as director is a smashing success, and the dearly-deceased had the decency to be relatively loaded. But naturally, we can assume all is not well. And as the pair go to greater and more absurd lengths to keep the truth hidden, the bodies start to pile up. The repo-men are at the funeral home for the furniture, rival Snarr is offering low-ball buyout deals, and - short of engineering more 'accidental' deaths - the pair struggles to keep the business afloat, hide their crimes, and keep their heads above water as various townsfolk grow suspicious (including Roberta's own father who, in small-town tradition, just so happens to be the sheriff).Just Buried revolves around a funeral home, and as you'd expect, death is a central theme. It speaks to director-writer Chaz Thorn's skill that he's able to wring maximum laughs out of a dark theme, but I wouldn't even go so far as to call this one a 'black comedy' (or a dark comedy, since I'm not sure what the official PC-stance on 'black comedy' is). Just Buried is ultimately light-hearted in tone, and with the number of accidental deaths and their varying degree of unlikelihood, it's clear that the movie doesn't take itself too seriously. If we're going to call films like The Lobster a black comedy, then Just Buried is a romp, a lark. The stakes are high, but that's only a plot device to give skeleton to the film's muscle and fat: the laughs and character dynamics.Baruchel, naturally, kills it. I don't think I've ever seen a movie of his I didn't like, so maybe I'm biased. But the true credit goes to Byrne; 'whacky' female characters, no matter how well written, can tend to skew towards Manic Pixie Dreamgirl in the bad cases, to annoying, to downright unbelievable in the worst instances. It's not an easy role by any means, but Byrne riffs off the theme perfectly, balancing just the right amount of ridiculous and relatable, snark and serious. Roberta provides Oliver a perfect foil while maintaining her own depth: she has her own stakes and motivations critical to the plot.I wouldn't say Just Buried is my favorite from either actor. Baruchel's best role remains himself in This Is The End, and I like Byrne's dramatics better in films like The Place Beyond The Pines. It's not even in the running for best recent Canadian comedy (of which there are too many to compare).But for a film about a funeral home, it's far more hilarious than I'd have thought possible.

Elin W (kr) wrote: I liked this, but I thought it would be better. Once it got into the story and picked up, I enjoyed it a lot better.

WS W (es) wrote: Overlong & so fragmented.

Murder C (ru) wrote: A university student named Diana (A.J. Cook) releases a evil Djinn from his tomb by mistake, as we march into the third movie in the Wishmaster series. While the first two movies weren't great they had some good moments, this one however is just plain bad. The acting is awful (but I would say Jason Connery does ok), the kills are uninspired and the movie overall is just boring and forgettable.

Samir N (jp) wrote: American Pie is an amalgamation of the worst 90's cliches. The humor relies on grossing-out the audience rather than providing any creative set-ups or jokes. You know what? Being a bad movie is fine, but the worst part is the message: it's completely confused, and the movie back-tracks on the message it TRIES to give. The movie, despite being Rated-R, is clearly geared towards kids similar to age as the kids in the movie. Most coming of age stories would have some sort of valuable lesson, but what does this movie give as a message? If you're a virgin in high school, you're a loser. Despite the fact that it TRIES to act like it's not the message in the movie with ONE bit of dialogue spewed from Jason Biggs' character, it doesn't act on the message at all! It even relies on the "liar revealed" cliche early in the movie, but the character is accepted with open-arms so quickly it might as well have not even BEEN in the movie. It fails as a comedy. It fails a coming-of-age story. It fails as a film overall. It represents the worst that the 90's had to offer for films, and given the films that came out around the same year, that says a LOT.

David Ray G (us) wrote: This is a movie I've been looking for quite a while, and I've finally found and watched it, and felt rather disappointed in it. Like my best friend said, I remember there were two guys, I remember they were gay, I remember they were outlaws, I remember it felt "slick" - and I remember thinking it should have been sexier, scarier, more intense, with more impact. His words pretty much summarize how I feel about it as well.The photography, the music, the direction were magnificent. I also found magnificent the way with which the archive footage including the real Leopold and Loeb was edited in this film. The acting by the starring duo was superb and Craig Chester is an actor who has brought all the gay characters he's portrayed to life. But the movie falls short - it has the vision and the guts, but it doesn't have the force and the impact.

Georgiana S (mx) wrote: This movie should get 6 stars!! It was hilarious.

Rodney E (mx) wrote: I found this to be unwatchable and reeking of a bad play.

Senor C (ru) wrote: W/ Paul Newman, Lee Marvin & Strother Martin the cast as well as some other noticeable faces you would figure that Pocket Money would be one of those unheard of little gems. Sadly that's not the case & it's no fault of the cast or really even director Stuart Rosenberg. It's the script. It goes absolutely no where, leads up to really nothing & leaves the viewer wondering why they even invested their time. I tried. Lord knows I tried to get involved but I was trying harder then this movie was. If you want to just watch it for some fine performances but to get anything more out of it is an exercise in futility w/ scenes sorta dropping off leaving me w/ the taste of a shit sandwich. 3 stars for the cast; 1 star for the actual film

Luca V (ru) wrote: I have reviewed this film yet, I mean the story is the same of Capra s - pocketful of miracles -, Even if this is funnier. May be because I do not know the actors, may be because the girlfriend of Dave the Dude is cuter than the girl the same role in the remake. Frank Capra s movies are just a reworking of the fairy tale - Cinderella -. Personally I don??t think one needs to say all this lies. One cannot tell so many lies without feeling himself a bad person. So I think the beggar Annie, ought to say her daughter the truth - I am a beggar not a noble woman -. In that case nobody would have shot a movie.

Jacob J (kr) wrote: Rocky III is probably more bigger than the first two and Sylvester Stallone really gets the audience involved with the action, the drama and the actor's performances with his magnificent writing and direction.

Aaron C (fr) wrote: slightly disjointed but insightful romcom satire showcasing heigl's excellent acting