Blood of Dragon Peril

Blood of Dragon Peril

The Master of Manchuria's most renowned school of kung-fu is slaughtered when he resists the invading Japanese. His eldest son is beaten so badly he becomes mentally retarded. The second ...

The Master of Manchuria's most renowned school of kung-fu is slaughtered when he resists the invading Japanese. His eldest son is beaten so badly he becomes mentally retarded. The second ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Cole T (fr) wrote: Something From Nothing: The Art of Rap was "entertaining" in the same way an action-figure might be "entertaining" - for a divorced, balding middle-aged man. The Art of Rap (which I will refer to hereon as Ice-T's movie) is basically ultimate fanservice with no substance. It's meant to titillate the viewer with all the really "cool interviews" and "awesome freestyles bro!" from their favorite rappers, simultaneously feeding Ice-T's ego while doing so. Really. That's it. Watching Ice-T's movie for anyone who cares about Hip-Hop is like buying a video-game with all your favorite characters or teams, only to find out you can't do anything but watch the computer play them. Or watching a movie with all your favorite actors (a la The Departed) only to be pained and appalled by how shitty it is (New Year's Eve). It's an empty illusion. As a documentary or dissertation on Hip-Hop, it fails on so many levels that elucidating each one would require an attention-span I don't feel like providing to this film.Even as fanservice, Ice-T's movie still proves pretty crappy. Most of the freestyles are uninspired, many interviews just useless bantering, the skyscraper/skyline shots lazily put-together and unnecessary, and scenes like the one with the gawking fan and Q-Tip... A middle finger to video editing. The fact Ice-T put his movie out like this supposes he's either mentally retarded or completely narcissistic. Probably a mixture of both.Hey, I still enjoy Ice-T in Law & Order. Maybe that accounts for *something*.

Aaron C (it) wrote: An offbeat romcom of sorts that fleshes out the desolation and isolation of an ordinary salaryman(& woman)'s life in NYC. And how they find freedom, in a zoo enclosure. The leads did a decent job, but the supporting cast was a tad too irritating to ignore.

Paul W (ca) wrote: top movie must ov watched 8,9 times

Kruna P (ca) wrote: nista specijalno niti odusevljavajuce ali cist ok

Tim M (ca) wrote: A brilliant portrait of Enron, one of the biggest frauds in the history of the corporate world. It's hard to believe this was less than two decades ago, but it's possible some of the same fraud is still happening in regards to corporate greed. Where will it end? Clearly not with this movie.This is a powerful watch and one of the finest documentaries this century. A must-see.

Brad D (ru) wrote: A beautiful little movie with a lot of heart. It was nice to sit down with my younger brothers and watch a film that wasn't riddled with violence an coarse language for once.

Lacey H (es) wrote: Seriously? This many people liked it?!? To me, this movie was one of the most boring I've ever seen. The boredom increased tenfold if you're like me and had the marvelous misfortune of being unable to find an English version. I ended up watching it in subbed on YouTube and spent more time watching the little red bar at the bottom of the player than the actual film. If you have this yawn-fest lurking in your DVD collection, I suggest you take it outside and drop-kick it over your back fence. That is the most entertainment you will ever get out of it.

Cody F (nl) wrote: A brutal story and sublime performance from Ed Norton power this great film.

Mark C (au) wrote: A Outra Face um filme estadunidense de 1997, do gnero ao, dirigido por John Woo e estrelado por John Travolta e Nicolas Cage

Donny S (it) wrote: A waste of Carol Kane, Jeffrey Tambor, and Don Knotts. But Tom Arnold's performance is surprisingly sensitive (meaning that he shows occasional believable emotion).

Patrick T (us) wrote: This is a movie that really showcases the best of Alyssa Milano...

Paul G (ru) wrote: One of the very best rom coms out there, Kevin Kline is superb

Dan W (nl) wrote: I haven't seen this movie since 1984 when we snuck in to see this after Gremlins. I was so bored and I needed to get home but the person who gave us a ride wouldn't leave early. I got such a ass whooping for this flick. I decided to rewatch it as an adult to see if I enjoyed it more now than as a kid in 1984. The answer is no

Christophe C (de) wrote: LES QUATRE DE L'APOCALYPSE en vf. Western rital qui a beaucoup de mal trouver son rythme mais qui possde une histoire de redemption et de recherche de la libert?(C) qu'il est rare de voir trait?(C)e de cette manire dans ce genre de production. Pas un chef d'oeuvre mais une vrai proposition.

Greg W (jp) wrote: just OK version of this i prefer the 1965 version

Sarah A (ca) wrote: MST3K made this awesome

Vincent H (mx) wrote: A great period film about boxing in the early days. ERROL FLYNN!!!! can't go wrong there. Pretty good.

Robert B (nl) wrote: it's tough to analyze something that's so close to reality; and similarly tough to draw emotion out of the events depicted. this film was like a mix of documentary and realistic fiction, so that's kind of what made it odd to 'feel' about, at least for me. i think the story is a sadly tragic one; all Maziar Bahari did was appear on The Daily Show as a journalist and he ended up being abducted for four months by the Iranian "government." i think the real success of the story telling wasn't capturing how agonizing and torturous the interrogations were, but more-so the scenes between Maziar and his father, Baba, in solitary confinement. watching this pretty normal guy kind of almost lose his mind and then come back from that and essentially play the right emotional cards to get out and back to London was the heartbreaking part. for a debut feature, Jon Stewart did an incredible job - essentially playing a documentarian - but managing to lace his kind of dubious humor into the tense situations is a feat and that's what gave the film it's heart. that real sentimental quality from The Daily Show when things get serious because it's serious news but still makes you laugh because the world around us has almost become something so serious it's worth laughing about. the cinematography was jumbled (pretty sure I saw GoPro footage), but the editing lacing in the news clips was very good. this isn't one you need to run out and see, but definitely worth watching once it comes to Netflix.

Oscar S (mx) wrote: Ice hockey is a form of disorderly conduct in which the score is kept. ~ Doug Larson