Blood of My Blood

Blood of My Blood

A regular family living in the outskirts of Lisbon sees the serenity of their lives shaken beyond any remedy within a week.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:127 minutes
  • Release:2011
  • Language:Portuguese
  • Reference:Imdb
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A regular family living in the outskirts of Lisbon sees the serenity of their lives shaken beyond any remedy within a week. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Blood of My Blood torrent reviews

Patrick M (it) wrote: It takes a while to accept the premise of the story and the acting of the protagonists comes across a bit like that in a high school drama class. But the story itself, the pseudo-scientific interpretations of fate and how it can be manipulated, is romantically pleasant. And perhaps naively so, but that's what romance is anyway. I particularly liked the perspective switches between the various streams of events, from character to character. The film certainly kept you interested throughout.

Kylee M (au) wrote: this movie has the worst effects ever. it was pretty clever for the idea but this movie suck

John W (de) wrote: Some humorous moments, but generally lacking focus, cohesiveness or any discernable motivation for the characters, it's confusing and all but unwatchable Like a film school project that incorporates a checklist of "things to include in my horror movie" but utterly fails to provide a story.

ripple c (au) wrote: I thought it was interesting.

Peter P (it) wrote: Good french gangster movie. Jean Reno shines as the mob boss that just wants out, yet is dragged back in with explosives results, although it is not overly original, it is worth a look if you like the genre.

anYa (mx) wrote: donde esta el coquito????????????

Rachel J (gb) wrote: A HUGE thanks to Jamie Catto. Wonderful job on this movie. Not only does it show you all of the flaws in the world, it shows you the beauty of the world too. It's amazing, and somewhat motivational. You really want to get out and help aboriginals in New Zealand after this movie. While combining sounds from around the world as a soundtrack, they also combine diffrent ideas of art, music, dance, and religion. This movie will open your eyes, or something like it.

Tiffany F (ru) wrote: It's very different and it keeps you wanting more but it is isn't overly exciting. I find the realness of it all to be very fascinating and simple; something I enjoy. The cast is just woderful and their performances are awesome. It's a bit confusing and some of the stories felt like a conundrum. Unique job done

Luca D (de) wrote: Ne avevo sentito parlare molto e dato che a me i Coen piacciono mi aspettavo un gran film. Probabilmente sar il fatto che ispirato (molto liberamente) all'Odissea che avr scatenato in molti critici l'entusiasmo per questa commedia.

Frank D (kr) wrote: not a fan of stoner comedies

Corey W (br) wrote: This performance would have been fine if I wasn't expecting so much more from its "stars."

Chris P (es) wrote: Ehhh, not my favorite Disney movie

Jennika M (kr) wrote: Very cheesy 80s melodrama. It felt like a bad soap opera instead of a film. Ringwald tried hard but her accent wasn't believable nor was her character. In fact the whole plot was pretty silly. Watch out for the funny cameos: Ben Stiller, and Viggo Mortensen.

Brandon A (nl) wrote: I found myself repeatedly forgetting that Christiane and the rest of her friends are only around 14 yeas old when they become hooked on heroin and the actors playing these roles are of the same age. Brilliant acting that you wouldn't think could be pulled off by a cast so young.

Shawn S (mx) wrote: Low budget leads to terrible effects with a poor script and worse acting.

Asif K (fr) wrote: i may see it ... maybe

Carla Q (ca) wrote: three things from my childhood evenings: wool blankets, haagen daas bars, and after the fox.

Amanda L (ru) wrote: Great movie, a terrific feeling of eeriness and some terrific acting.

Michael G (gb) wrote: One of Roger Moore's best 007 films.