Blood of the Condor

Blood of the Condor

A community reacts against a group of foreigners who under the guise of development assistance are forcibly sterilizing the peasant women.

The reaction of an indigenous community against a group of foreigners who under the guise of development assistance are forcibly sterilizing the peasant women. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Phantasm G (ca) wrote: A scientist develops a way to enter the brain's memory, his first subject is a murderer who needs to be convicted....but the scientist gets stuck in his hard after a malfunction. Can he find a way to get out? Is the convict really guilty? This is a very intelligent psychological film that messes with your own head in the idea with a few, but not enough, twists.

Joel M (kr) wrote: More propaganda than you can shake a stick at...and it's a kids movie...

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Paul D (mx) wrote: I avoided this movie for years because of how dumb I thought it looked, but I have to say after finally watching it, I really enjoyed it. Sure, it is still quite dumb, but it made me laugh and that is all I ask for in a comedy. It won't be for everyone, but it is worth checking out.

Charles M (ag) wrote: Wants to be Videodrome. Is NOT Videodrome.

pedro t (mx) wrote: The second installment to Jean de Florette is equally beautiful and arguably twice as tragic. Both films exude charm and deserve to be seen back to back.

Paul D (ag) wrote: It's hard to tell if this is supposed to be a comedy about or just a quirky character study from post-war Malaysia as there is little to laugh about. The actual story is terrible too, not enough to make a song and dance about.

William C (kr) wrote: Grade:Higher 7/10Bull Durham is a sports film which boasts a great cast, comedythroughout and actually some good bits of baseball. With a variety ofcharacters also seen in this piece, you can't help but feel good whenwatching this and with Romantic themes also coming thorough, it makesjust a little bit better than it already is. Whatever sport movie fansmay think of the sport, you should enjoy this and I felt that this wasfirmly a good movie.The story is a fun film about a minor league baseball who hire aveteran batsman and a young promising pitcher who may make it big oneday, both the characters work together well and the story always letsthe two express there polar opinions and feelings. It can be funny attime, not really laugh out loud but it still raises some chuckles andif anything it is very much feel good and smile like entertainment.Kevin Costner in the main role is good and really shows his wise faceas the wise old veteran batsman Crash Davis. Susan Sarandon as the loveinterest of the film Annie Savoy is good, maybe slightly crazy at timesand over the top but she is fun and makes the film muchmore...passionate. Tim Robbins for me is truly a star turn as Nuke theyoung pitcher as although Costner leads the film, Robbins is very goodin his young testosterone filled role, he is fun and enjoyable. Ron Shelton writes and directs this well and really does a good jobhere to create the characters on paper and bring them out well whilstdirecting, shows he really had the vision and performed it out well. Ienjoyed the dialogue which really sets this film up nicely and is thewhole reason it is funny, the sport side is fun and the scenes thatactually contain Baseball are truly quite thrilling but also keepingthe comedic and romantic side within it.It isn't always so funny and so maybe that could be a criticism but thefilm is still good, could also be said that the romance side coupledwith the serious sport scenes are just too soppy, that is up to you ifyou see it. Sarandon is also not at her best in this, doesn't affectit's rating but when she is in it, I felt she can annoy at times. Sport movie fans should like this as it contains enough sport toactually be considered a sport film, it has the romance dabbled in sobe aware if you hate a rom com. If you want a fun comedy then this iffor you, it isn't out and out laughter as said previously but it raisesa quick smile and a laugh but can also warm the heart when it wants to.Overall I give this a higher 7/10, it is a Firmly Good movie, not near beingVery Good but breaks away from just being KIND of Good. With this youshould watch it with a little warm heart going into it and it will behugely enjoyable, If it doesn't make you laugh then look to the romancepart as it really can be fun and hugely entertaining.

Corey R (au) wrote: keep these coming please! good to have a REAL resident evil to drown the shame forced on mankind by Anderson.

Simon D (es) wrote: I was talked into watching one of these TV epidsodes by my little brother who loves it. I swore never to watch another one afterwards, yet I found myself watching the movie. I guess I wondered if I missed something the first time round. This is British comedy at it's worst, almost. I guess it appeals to the large quantity of brain-dead lads that we have specialised in creating in Britain.I suppose as the British have excelled at making excellent comedies for intelectuals it left a gap in the market which this fills quite nicely. The script is cringe-worthy and full of ill-placed sex jokes. It's quite embarrassing really. Once you get numb to this, then a sort of holiday story emerges which is just about bearable. I guess this is so sad because it's so realistic.

Stuart R (gb) wrote: I recently watched the excellent documentary (stop at nothing) which is basically what this film is a retelling of the story.. It felt a bit unnecessary in that respect.Anyway, it's a well acted decent effort and asks a lot of questions and also raises quite a few