Blood of the Innocent

Blood of the Innocent

Chicago cop goes to Poland to get the hoods who killed his brother. When he finds out they belong to the local outfit of the Russian mob, he takes on the outfit's boss as well as Dr. Lem who handles illegal organ trade for the mob. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Blood of the Innocent torrent reviews

Harald I (br) wrote: About the worst film I've ever seen.

Hoddie C (nl) wrote: Peter Mullen acts in a Paddy Considine directed film = excellence and bloody grim up North

Sha (au) wrote: Plot appears to be interesting enough so could be worth checking out at some point, plus it would be kinda nice to see David Schwimmer in something else other than Friends.

August C (ru) wrote: A Neo-Noir film with as great cast, But misses its mark especially in the second half of the film. The plot jumps off into to many directions and the story doesn't seem to be able to catch up, still its worth a watch for style.

Orlando D (nl) wrote: Under the Cherry Moon is a great looking film with style to spare and wonderful camera work that showcases the South of France, but overall, it's a 30's melodramatic storyline updated to 80's standards and the result is varied. Prince plays a gigolo who uses weathly women that he picks up at the Cherry Moon club until he meets his match with a spolied heiress Mary(Kristin Scott-Thomas in her film debut.) the chemistry between the two seem forced but the real chemistry lies with Prince and his cousin Tricky(Jerome Benton) they are a joy to watch together the only time this film comes to life. The costumes and soundtrack is first class, sadly a better storyline would have helped but I liked this movie over the really dreadful Grafitti Bridge with Prince.

Private U (us) wrote: Tidig Kustorica. Inte lika utflippad som kommande filmer, men en riktig prla.

Markku R (br) wrote: The story behind this film is heavy shit and it is hard to like because of that...but as a colourful psychodrama it is enchanting.

Alexandre S (jp) wrote: "Between Heaven and Hell" ("Le Temps de la Colre") 1956 (de Richard Fleischer) avec Robert Wagner (couleurs) ... revu dans la nuit du dimanche 10 au lundi 11 avril 2011 (de 00h50 2h25) en VO (C)tats-unienne sous-titr (C)e en franais (sur la cha (R)ne de t (C)l (C) publique France 3) dans le cadre de l' (C)mission "Le Cin (C)ma de Minuit" (pr (C)sent (C)e par Patrick Brion) !

Danny M (jp) wrote: Good comedy film! Really enjoyed some funny moments and Jim Carey is mint in this

Ryan L (au) wrote: I found it quite difficult to enjoy and even more difficult to piece together. I did not appreciate the overuse of unnecessary dream-like sequences in the film. I particularly hated the sudden cuts to screams and the creepy score was difficult to endure. Many scenes without Laura Dern or Justin Theroux were hard to sit through. I felt that more than an hour of the film could have been cut out.

Cameron D (it) wrote: Awesome in every way!!!

Logan M (kr) wrote: Failed attempt at Wall-E 2.