Blood of the Railroad Workers

Blood of the Railroad Workers

Blood of the Railroad Workers (Norwegian: Rallarblod) is a 1979 Norwegian drama film directed by Erik Solbakken, starring Nils Ole Oftebro and Ragnhild Hilt. A group of rallare (migratory rail road workers) arrive in a small town in Norway, and cause social conflict. One of the men, Sjugur (Oftebro), stands apart as a strong, independent man. The girls like him, but he has set his sights on Innbranna (Hilt), the daughter of a wealthy landowner.

Handlinga utspiller seg i ei rik bygd et sted i Norge rundt 1910. Det skal legges jernbane gjennom bygda, og tilreisende anleggsfolk, rallare, kommer dit. Med rallarne følger uro for ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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