Blood on His Sword

Blood on His Sword

Charles le Temeraire asks in marriage Jeanne de Beauvais, daughter of King Louis XI, wishing to get her valuable lands in dowry. The King is wise to this, and since his daughter does not feel inclined to accept, he refuses. Charles sets up a plan to abduct the prince, in a way that the suspicions will fall upon Robert de Neuville, a noble enamoured of the princess. Robert manages to free her from the castle where she was being kept. Charles keeps setting traps, and managing people to perjure against Jeanne, and the King himself. Finally, Jeanne escapes alive from a pack of wolves, who set watching the lady alone in the snow covered woods, instead of attacking her. Charles does yet accuse her of being a witch - wishing to have her dead rather than being the wife of Robert... Robert will be her champion in a Judgement of God. Will the 'miracle of the wolfs' repeat itself, or fearless Charles defeat Robert in the sword duel?

Charles le Temeraire asks in marriage Jeanne de Beauvais, daughter of King Louis XI, wishing to get her valuable lands in dowry. The King is wise to this, and since his daughter does not ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Frankie O (ru) wrote: Very bad horror movie do not waste money or time

Mike L (de) wrote: Saw it at a screening at Lonestar Comic Con, horrible movie, the line delivery is awful, the plot made very little sense, the movie seemed to drag on for hours, when in fact it was just a little over one hour. DO NOT SEE

Kyle C (kr) wrote: A simple coming of age story. The visuals, as always for Studio Ghibli, are amazing to look at. They certainly know how to create an immersive atmosphere. The characters and story are good, but don't stand out that much until the third act. That is when the emotions kick in. I don't know why but watching anime characters cry is a tough thing to get through! Maybe it's because the animation creates the emotion of sadness as if it were spilling out of the character. Anyways, it's extremely emotional and almost got me to tears. And that is the only sad point in the movie. The rest of it is extremely sweet and harmless. If you like Studio Ghibli and the trailer looks good to you, then you will probably enjoy this movie alot.

Rene F (fr) wrote: Pretty boring for a mock-exploitation film.

Leslie R (de) wrote: Hi, I found this movie pretty good (I thought it be like a Dirty Dancing rip off version of that movie). The main characters was pretty interesting. Its starts out a school teacher just wanted to take some dancing lessons from a guy who came to her school to talk about disability (he had a hearing problem) and show some dance moves too (with his former partner and lover too) so she tries to get her fiancee to go to one lessons but he is so busy (I kind of see the problems with these two early on). Most of the movie is a lot of dancing (that is where the title comes from) but you can see the sparks going on with the dance and the school teacher early on too. The dance teacher also is trying to overcome his disability with the school teacher help (he sort of used it as a excuse sometimes in this movie). All in all this movie was interesting and cute (Caroline Rhea was pretty funny as the school teacher friend who is also a school teacher too at the same school she teaches at too). The other cast was okay too.

Grace L (ag) wrote: Fantastic film with fantastic actors. Vincent Gallo is one of the greatest and most underrated actors in this day and age. Alden Ehrenreich who plays Gallo's brother in the film, reminded me of a young Leonardo DiCaprio.

CJ C (ca) wrote: orphaned zombie miner children... for some reason this reminded me of the tv series, KINGDOM HOSPITAL. At Fear.Net.

Pieter M (fr) wrote: A not so well known movie, but nicely done, weaving three stories in to one.

Yani D (ag) wrote: I thought this was a great film! Beautiful setting, and storyline. Great soundtrack too. The relationships between, and experiences of the characters are what really made the film for me. While it is set in the cultural revolution, it really glosses over the seriousness of that aspect - not a political piece at all (but there are plenty of other great films that cover that).

Craig C (gb) wrote: Deftly balanced homage and spoof with tongue planted firmly in cheek. Gary Cole's deconstruction of Mike Brady alone is worth the price of admission. But planting the insular Brady world in the middle of the LA Grunge scene and playing it deadpan is nothing short of brilliant. Highly recommended.

Yash B (fr) wrote: The movie is an impressive feat of directing and sweeping adventure. I was touched by the story and I think it is a very humane one to tell. I just feel that since the movie is supposed to have the feel of an epic, it is pretty overlong. I do admit that the time the movie took made me care and appreciate the messages more, but it takes away from what could've been a more entertaining movie. It's still a movie with well-directed scenes and very good performances. One of the best, if not the best movie that Kevin Costner has been a part of. His passion for the story shows and he tells it in a way that keeps you interested. I appreciated what the movie had to say and think it is well-worth your time.

Peter H (us) wrote: Great movie about the circularity of human life and struggle for survival on a small Japanese island.

Tom H (it) wrote: This might be the model '40s monster "B" movie. Simple, effective story with cool visuals.

Ca H (jp) wrote: The ending was hideously cheesy but the main part was actually pretty good: some really bland bits but some really funny bits and some genuinely touching bits. Felicity Jones was impossible to resist as a lead and completely won me over to enjoying this film much more than I expected to.

Steve G (ru) wrote: An interesting set up, that starts out very promising. About halfway through The movie starts out with an interesting set up and interesting characters, that, unfortunately, all degrade as the movie goes on. The plot becomes riddled with holes, characters start doing non-sensical stuff while the dialogues worsen. Wouldn't really recommend this one.

Catherine L (ru) wrote: This so called "horror" movie couldn't even be considered horror in the slightest. The only think that would make it watchable is it's often less than amusing humor. At least it's better than it's sequel.

Valentina L (ag) wrote: This movie about music is proof that Knowles can act!