Blood Predator

Blood Predator

A private jet crashes in the Sierra Mountains leaving seven survivors stranded in a torrential snow storm. With no rescue team in sight, the group decides to search for the plane in hopes of fixing the radio to call for help. But what they find instead is an alien creature that multiplies itself rapidly. The extraterrestrial beasts have a barbed-like tongue and are able to pull their victims into their razor sharp teeth to shred human flesh like a haywire garbage disposal. But the survivors won t go down without a fight!

A handful of people wind up stranded in a desolate snowy mountain area in the wake of an airplane crash. They seek refuge in an old abandoned cabin. Moreover, the group find themselves ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Blood Predator torrent reviews

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Jason H (ca) wrote: Mr. Lemmon is a legend & he continued to prove it in his career this movie he's unbelievable what a performance AGAIN and Lee Remick was great beside this legend A MUST SEE

David M (nl) wrote: One of the greatest actors ever shows us that being a serial killer can actually make us laugh. Funny and horrifying at once, Bale gives arguably the best performance of his career.

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