Blood Revenge

Blood Revenge

Chaozhou police constable Chiang and his wife are brutally killed by five escaped convicts whom he brought to justice three years ago. Their daughter Feng (Lu Hsiao Hui) is lucky to escape, and she sets out to avenge the murder of her parents. With the aid of martial arts expert Chuan (famous action star Philip Ko), Feng tracks down the thugs one by one and kills them with her "8-Step Successive Killing Kicks" kung fu.

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Shajie K (de) wrote: 2012 - Mom BollypodThey got married in real life ^_^. Movie wasn't that great though :L

Ian F (au) wrote: shit, but as expected with 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin as the star....

Carlos M (us) wrote: It is nice to see that Ozon can still handle light comedies like this, and even if there is nothing really special about it, it is still a very pleasant and funny movie thanks mostly to Deneuve and Depardieu, who are both great as usual and shining together.

Walter M (au) wrote: "He who forgets history is doomed to repeat it." - George Santayana It's always kind of frustrating when there is a movie whose conclusion I agree with but where the logic is especially faulty and that's very true for "Defamation." On the one hand, I agree with filmmaker Yoav Shamir that one can be critical of Israel without being anti-semitic, although there are many poeple who do so for exactly that reason. But then according to this documentary, anti-semitism does not exist in this day and age. Although, he did find it on a street corner in Brooklyn faster than you could find an egg cream. Sure, Abe Foxman, National Director of the Anti-Defamation League, might just be exaggerating but that's how you fundraise, by scaring your demographic(For example, an arts movie theatre could say that if you don't support them, they will be showing "Fast Five" this upcoming weekend), and it's questionable the extent of the influence he has with Israeli authorities. As a result, the documentary shows tabloid journalism is pretty much the same wherever you go. Shamir's other target is a class trip of Israeli students to visit a former concentration camp in Poland, in reality not to indoctrinate them, but because youngsters were starting to lose touch with their past. Actually, it will probably make them more empathetic to the sufferings of others. You just have to make them understand that the Holocaust was not a unique event.

Kerby H (br) wrote: The movie, as a whole, is just okay. However, the performance of the play is just so absolutely perfect.

Clif L (it) wrote: Saw this film at the MFA this spring and although I don't understand a word of Portuguese I found I didn't need to. The emotion of the lyrics comes through in these amazing musical vignettes.

Rick P (ca) wrote: I can't believe this is rated so high. What are people seeing that I'm not? Anyway, while not exactly boring, I found the "experimental" parts of this movie to be merely insufferably coy distancing devices, to separate us from a real exploration of a 13-year old's sexuality. Which pretty much ruined it for me. I got the feeling the director should have shot a bunch of portraits of this arresting-looking androgyne, hung them in a gallery on a university campus somewhere and saved me two hours of my time.

Natalie M (ca) wrote: An inspiring film about three of the Sudanese Lose Boys that came to the United States. A story of perseverance, loneliness, and culture shock. Makes you want to both laugh and cry.

Jim W (jp) wrote: As a gay couple, despite the fact that it stereotypes and is not profound drama, we have visited Sordid Lives over and over. We find it an exaggerated reflection of so much in our experiences and culture; it is a chance to just enjoy a movie without endless analysis!

Derek C (nl) wrote: Watched this with Clayton and Susan, and despite not seeing it for almost a decade, it remains one of my favorite movies of all time. I miss non crazy Mel Gibson so much

Will J (ca) wrote: Classic, lighthearted fun!

Julie K (de) wrote: A super feel good movie.

Maximiliano D (ru) wrote: I've just been reading all the reviews and ratings of the top critics that have seen Belle de Jour, and some of them had rated this movie very high. I am unable to share the same rating because I did not like the movie and I could not waste a good review on it.This movie was nothing special. It was actually boring. Some scenes pretend to be real but it was not defined She did not wanted to be intimated with her husband, but then she want to prostitute.huh? I never could understand this part. I never could trace when she was dreaming or when it was real in the movie.I have to say, maybe someone more familiar with Bunuel's work could understand this movie. I think even if Bunuel could have thrown any crap on the screen, his fans would find it brilliant.Sorry I did not.

Hassan I (it) wrote: A passable, fairly entertaining horror film that's sadly let down by a lousy conclusion and dull characters. Apart from a fantastic performance from Johnny Depp, along with stunning visuals, there's not much going for this bland, totally forgettable thriller. The characters lack interesting qualities, the dialogue seems forced and the story itself seems to go nowhere. That being said, Johnny Depp is at the top of his game and gives one of his best performances to date. It's a complex, unpredictable character that Depp manages to bring to life even when the rest of the film is a bore. So do the visuals, which give the film a dark and creepy atmosphere. Unfortunately, it's a bland, highly disappointing conclusion that'll leave you unsatisfied. By then, you'll be wanting to get those wasted hours back...

Private U (it) wrote: Can't help thinking of the ludicrous old Swedish movies about conscripts from the same period, only this is pretty good propaganda for a good cause.

Giorgio D (us) wrote: A great action movie, if you love chases watch this one. Critics gave 86% to Mad Max Fury Road because "it's a great chase movie"... and53% to this one. What a joke. THIS is a GREAT Chase movie. With a lot of story.