Blood River

Blood River

After a train is robbed of its payroll, an insurance agent and a card-shark team-up to retrieve the loot from the bandits who guard it at a secret location near the Mexican border.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:109 minutes
  • Release:1967
  • Language:Italian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:murder,   robbery,   band,  

In this violent spaghetti western a murderous robber hijacks a payroll train, murders everyone aboard and then stashes his loot. A gunslinger learns about it and decides he wants the money ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Angel C (fr) wrote: want to see soooooo bad

Yoshi S (nl) wrote: Unbelievably terrible! Garbage! I think directors are really crazy! Looked like they made this movie unbelievably disgusting, gross and annoying! So lots of people disliked it... Actors were all bad! Boring story and it was like The Matrix... 3D effects were terrible too. Why Lionsgate said OK to make a really bad 3D movie?! I wasted 95 minutes today... and I'll sell this garbage Blu-ray Disc!

Minna S (jp) wrote: A multilayered view on immigration, religion and morality. The Pakistani father wants to move on with his life in the English society but the son seeks connection to his own culture and religion in a fanatical fashion. Really refreshing to see the situation this way for a change. Also some great pieces of dialogue.

Joel N (us) wrote: Postmodern, this ain't. And actually it's supposed to be a black comedy, however the funny parts are in the first 2/3rds... though Parker Posey, as always, is a laugh riot.

Rudy M (jp) wrote: This one is brand new on DVD. I watched this movie expecting it to be the most horrible vampire movie in a while. I mean: 0% rating, worthy of a scathing review. But after seeing it, it actually isn't all that horrible.I looked around Rotten Tomatoes for other reviews, only to find that most of them actually belong to a 1995 movie of the same name starring Alyssa Milano. Wonder how that affected the ratings. All I know is that this 2013 movie is not a remake.Charlotte (Sharon Hinnendael) is a new girl at a co-ed campus. She is a dhampir, but doesn't know it yet. She only knows she has vivid nightmares. Somehow, her fencing coach is a vampire. It seems like she's drawn to him, to this campus. Her story is rooted centuries ago and the movie tries to tie all the proceedings to the past.Hinnendael does a commendable job at portraying the different sides of Charlotte. Unfortunately for the movie, this cannot be said for all of the other actors. It's safe to say that Hinnendael is the highlight of this movie. If she can manage to get into some more prominent roles, she might be able to build a pretty decent career for herself.The story gets a nice, paced setup in this movie. It doesn't go too fast or too slow. For about 70% of the movie, the pacing is fine. It has a good story-arch albeit with some questionable and superfluous sidesteps, like the hazing scene and subsequent lesbian sex scene that do not really add to the main story. The end feels rushed and not everything gets tied up as nice as I would have liked to see. But still this movie deserves more than a 30% score.Pros: Believable lead, okay to good production, great cinematography.Cons: Inconsistent, predictable but unfinished storylineVerdict: Meh.

Melvin W (nl) wrote: Marion: I wondered if a memory is something you have or something you've lost.Another Woman is my least liked film from Woody Allen that I have seen. I found nothing to take away from it. It felt very much like a Woody Allen movie; just not as good of one. It had aspects that could make a great movie and already had. The plot borrows from Bergman's Wild Strawberries. The movie is extremely short and by the end it feels likes it feels never got going.From Allen, this just doesn't seem right. It feels like he had no great ideas that and year, but since he has to put a movie out annually, he just threw one together. I'm sure that's not accurate. I'm sure Allen probably liked what he had here and worked hard at making a great film out of it.I'm still a big fan of Allen's work for the most part and that's probably why I'm disappointed with Another Woman. The cast is there and is pretty good. Allen's normal subject matter is there. But the movie never seems to be entirely there. It's like something was lost. Oh well, I guess I will just have to watch Hannah and Her Sister again to renew my faith in watching another Woody Allen movie.

jon m (mx) wrote: As predicted the acting was bad but the plot was actually pretty brilliant. The ending was a great twist setup for a sequel. I hope they remake this movie cause it has potential for a part 1 and 2 only but no more than that.

Nathan B (br) wrote: I can see its importance to film history and new hollywood cinema, but for me, it just wasn't exactly enticing. I respect what it is.

Shane S (es) wrote: A comic masterpiece, Horse Feathers features the Marx Brothers at the height of their considerable powers. Some of Groucho's best lines are in this film (and that's saying something) and each of his brothers, even Zeppo, take turns eliciting laughs and soaking up the spotlight. The music numbers standout, too, particularly "Everyone Says I Love You" (lovingly referenced decades later in Woody Allen's musical of the same name).The only thing missing from this near-perfect parade of situational comedy, zingers, non sequiturs and mayhem is Margaret Dumont. Easily one of their best films, it stands up to endless repeat viewings, has quotable and classic sequences aplenty, and really is testament to their genius.

Cars C (es) wrote: It's beautiful for what it is. And what it is is an over intelligent insight into the hard realities of relationships. It's hard not to relate to one of the timelines in this movie. As most, if not all couples, go through some parallel event in their relationship.