Blood Rush

Blood Rush

When a small town is overcome with a blood lust, the local Witch Doctor is thought to be the source. What they don't know is that he has a different agenda.

When a small town is overcome with a blood lust, the local Witch Doctor is thought to be the source. What they don't know is that he has a different agenda. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ron K (gb) wrote: Well my response after seeing this film is that it was a vehicle by Matt to enable his brother to make some money based on Matt's current fame...and get Tom some cash to get out on his own. I think his parents are tired of having a lazy boob hanging out at their home and along with Matt's wife...who is listed as co-editor, hatched this plot.Bottom line...vapid self-indulgence

Adrin F (nl) wrote: Az elejt?l a vgig egy izgalmas, magval ragad thriller, egy percig nem tudod levenni rla a szemed.

Milena H (de) wrote: Epic and simply beautiful. Valhalla Rising is more like nordic Renaissance painting than "classic" movie. Muddy shades of melancholically sublime landscape, foggy sky, water - deadly and cleansing in the same time - and scarred not scared warrior fufilling the fate. Hypnotic masterpiece with just few lines of dialogs and mind-blowing music, where every single pose is an aesthetical metaphor. Highly symbolic is presence (I do not want to write performance becouse this is something else and something more than this) of Mads Mikkelsen - hes existing in film industry in the same way. This man can tell everything just with a sight (of one eye..).

Chelsie S (fr) wrote: To sum it up... two gay asians in London. It had it's funny moments, and I gotta admit Ash looked much better as a woman then he ever did as a man.

Anna Q (kr) wrote: See. I'm not a fan of horror, but I'm a HUGE fan of psychological thrillers.

Lonnie S (nl) wrote: Well, he was really hot... This is some kind of social satire hidden as a kid horror flick. "Destroy all of the closets" leads to killing the monster in San Francisco - 'nuff said...

Shawn M (ag) wrote: I remember it being better when I was a kid, still creative and entertaining, a lot of my favourite movies come from the 1980's, they have a unique look about them I just love, nothing is so digital, its more characteristic. Anyway, the movie is one most people will like for a old school flick, similar to E.T and Short Circuit but still very unique in ways about a Kid in love with a Living Dirt Bike. Ace.


Gordon I (nl) wrote: I haven't seen a bad Tourneur movie yet, and this is one of my favorites of his. <3

Geoff J (de) wrote: Far too self-congratulatory to be of much use as a documentary of what might be an interesting sub culture.

Jonny P (au) wrote: "Cypher" failed to impress me. The concept was interesting but the acting was just awful. I love Jeremy Northam's singing voice, particularly in "Gosford Park," but what was he thinking? I don't know if he was trying to capture the emotionless-ness of a brainwashed character but it just came off as bad acting. The vision for the film was really cool, particularly as the main character is given an antidote and is able to see the things that are actually occurring at the conventions, and particularly what happens on the airplane! Rereading the synopsis of the film got me so excited, but then I remembered how poor the script and acting were. The single instance of clever dialogue appears toward the end of the film:Callaway: "Did you get a look at him? Did you see Rooks' face?"Finster: "Just Morgan Sullivan, our pawn."But it is then trumped by the final line of the film, which also happens to be one of the worst lines of the film. "Cypher" will always be one of those films that could have been great but was so poorly done that it is barely even watchable.

Pete S (ru) wrote: A classic 50's B-movie.