Blood Type: Unknown

Blood Type: Unknown

A drama about love, secrets, and acceptance Blood Type: Unknown follows wannabe novelist Caitlyn Landale on her journey to embracing her dreams. Wondering if life is not as exciting or magical as her stories, her views are forever altered when she meets the bitter-viewed Adam Godfrey. But when her feelings for the mysterious Adam Godfrey grow unconditionally strong she soon finds herself captured in a four centuries old secret that she never expected.

A wannabe novelist living under the shadow of her smothering parents finds herself captured in a four centuries old secret when she attends college and falls for the bad boy with an unknown blood type. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Rahul D (ag) wrote: a brilliant documentary on esports....

Andrew K (kr) wrote: This movie is about Patrick Swayze's half-retarded brother and that guy from Lois and Clark. They look sad or scared for a bit and then a glass breaks or an owl hoots and something screams quietly. My favorite part was when i turned it off 20 minutes in. My least favorite part was the 19 minutes leading up to the 20th minute where i turned it off.

Christa H (au) wrote: It was so bad we couldn't stop watching it as Bruce Campbell's one liners were just to funny to stop. We were laughing at how bad it was.

Robert A (ru) wrote: This was okay. I think Will Ferrel's character was my favorite character in the film. It's kind of a downer but I like downer movies for the most part.

Sean R (mx) wrote: UGH. It's like two different, uninspired themes fighting with each other for airtime. It's weird, ugly, and not worth your time.

Riley H (it) wrote: Like Inarritu only less pretentious.

Philip S (it) wrote: very romantic; full of desperation

Divyansh U (mx) wrote: Only thing that can make you watch this film again is Demi Moore.

Kelly B (nl) wrote: Dennis Farina owns this movie

Gman H (br) wrote: Great script, which you'd expect from Tarantino, even if it was his earlier work.Quality violence, acting & overall a decent movie. [7/10]

Shawn S (nl) wrote: Mildly funny at best.

Morten S (jp) wrote: Pretty underrated movie in my opinion. One of Schumacher's better ones for sure.Really enjoyed it :)

Corey B (nl) wrote: F/X starts with a great premise and a terrific first forty-five minutes. It's suspenseful, fast paced, and a little unpredictable (although the main twists are pretty obvious).Then Brian Dennehy enters the movie, and it's not that he isn't good here (in fact the movie would be much worse without him), it's that his scenes are so incredibly cliched. Every police procedural moment you can think of happens, right down to hand me your shield and your piece.So, we get two parallel stories - Bryan Brown on the run, and Dennehy on the trail. Brown's story is exciting, Dennehy's snooze worthy.Unfortunately, while Brown's story is more exciting it also gets more ridiculous as it goes along. First, a significant person in his life dies, and he kind of forgets about her a few scenes later. Then he teams up with his assistant (who gives a dreadful performance) before turning into a murderous F/X revenge master. It's the murderous part that feels off. Brown's character never really evolves into a cold blooded murderer, but by the end of the film he's killing folks left, right, and center in ways that would make Rambo proud. But if you think about the guys at the end really deserve to die? I'm pretty sure he kills some guard who just looks after the police chief's front gate for no other reason than he's associated with the police chief.It's too bad. The opening is fun and clever, and deserves a smarter movie to follow it up.

David L (es) wrote: Having enjoyed one prison thriller, I decided to watch another and found that it's very easy to confuse the plots as they all have a similar theme - sadistic wardens that are highly egotistical and lack compassion for their inmates (albeit it is a prison full of rapists and murders so you can forgive them on that front), the big bully that constantly threatens to sexually abuse the 'fresh meat', and the plan to escape always materialises into a great success. In comparison to Shawshank Redemption, this is just an earlier version with poorer effects, slightly poorer dialogue, and even poorer props. I mean if prison officers can't tell a papier-mch dummy from a real person, I'm sure all prisons would be empty right now - I mean it didn't even look convincing on TV. The big difference with this film is that the plot to escape is at the centre of it all, whereas Shawshank's is being done in solidarity on the sly. Here we get a day by day run down on how the events unfold as the group of 4 each play their part in the master plan. Again it's bulked up with sub characters that give it a juicer storyline and a degree of emotion, but yet again we all know just how it's going to end. Somehow, this doesn't necessarily detract from anything as the sense of wanting to witness the arrogant governor get his comeuppance totally takes centre stage when rooting for the inmate heroes. Despite the old fashioned cinematography, you can't help but enjoy this movie which has paved the way for several other jailbreak films and series of recent times. Nice one Clint!

Gregory W (mx) wrote: awesome doc great footage used

Paul D (br) wrote: This Alistair MacLean thriller is not quite as adventurous as some the other film adaptations of other novels, but it's a solid enough crime investigation with some trademark characters and twists, and a decent boat chase around Amsterdam too.

Devon B (br) wrote: Jezebel is the 1938 precursor to "Gone With The Wind". Bette Davis stars as a southern belle doomed to lose her fiance and her social standing when she dares to wear a red dress to a ball ([email protected]!) It's enough to make any southern belle a life-long pariah. When her former beau (the miscast Henry Fonda) comes back into her life, she tries everything she can to scheme her way back into his heart. The old pre-civil war south has long fascinated Hollywood as it's the closest thing America ever had to a royal "noble class" (the elite upper crust of society). Everything was a question of manners and the wrong word could result in a duel between two gentlemen. Of course the slavery issue is given short shrift, this was made in the pre-civil rights era 30s, and besides, slavery doesn't hold quite the same romance as the Jezebels and Scarletts of that time period. Regardless of political correctness, there's just something uninteresting about this film, whether it's the storyline or the script, I can't be sure. Bette Davis gives a fine performance, but this story of a woman who wears the wrong dress to the ball can hardly compare with the scope and granduer of the magnificent "Gone With The Wind".

Tyler Z (it) wrote: Absolutely hilarious. Not as many memorable moments that the first one had. Probably because as of this review the movie is about 2 hours old. I can see this becoming a great classic in the future.

Lucas M (mx) wrote: Sometimes very cliche, but with a terrific performance by Jesse Eisenberg and a nice screenplay, Holy Rollers is a good film to watch.

Susie P (au) wrote: Hanks as a man lost in himself and a foreign land.