Blood Was Everywhere

Blood Was Everywhere

The nightmare of the unsolved, random murder is brought to life: A faceless killer wreaks havoc on the lives of average people in a small Massachusetts town.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:85 minutes
  • Release:2011
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
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The nightmare of the unsolved, random murder is brought to life: A faceless killer wreaks havoc on the lives of average people in a small Massachusetts town. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Carlos G (it) wrote: Only best part was the destruction and devastating scenes. Felt with the cast and budget that this film could of been great. Good watch but not great.

Bronte S (nl) wrote: I really enjoyed this movie. Delivery man never gets boring and always keeps you interested. There is a lot of laughs and heartfelt moments. I usually enjoy comedians playing a serious role. This movie has a few "straight-faced" moments which vince Vaughn has played very well.

Haowei C (it) wrote: Impressive, Spectacular!

Maruf I (fr) wrote: poor storylline....but u hav a lots of things to think abt it.....excellent direction....superb music....casting was too good......everybody acted really well.....little bit slow....but this is ignorable.good attempt from nirjhar....keep going on!

Dustin G (de) wrote: I know I know. There isn't a lot in the way of Beatles music or insights into their (somewhat) overnight success. And it is ANOTHER one of those rock stars with mommy issues movies. But I loved every minute of this. First of all, its got a hell of a soundtrack. Every song is a red hot rock song from the best decade in music. It's got fantastic acting. Lennon as portrayed in this is a compelling character. All rock n roll attitude and rebellion. And the history, however true or false it may be, is always welcome. Overall a great flick and some interesting insight into the prefame era of one of the most famous and celebrated men who ever lived.

Jamie F (ca) wrote: Batter, batter, batter!!! Swing batter!!!!!!

Navjeet S (nl) wrote: nana n vivek story was 2 good !

Jason 123 D (jp) wrote: So Almodvar's Thesis is that if you're good in bed, the girl will fall for you even if... you know... you kidnap, enslave, rape, stalk, and beat her. Quality movie.

Steve M (au) wrote: Bride of the Gorilla Starring: Raymond Burr, Barbara Payton, Lon Chaney Jr, Tom Conway, and Carol Varga Director: Curt Siodmak Brutish plantation foreman Barney Chavez (Burr) rejects his Indian lover Larina (Varga) after starting an affair with his boss?s wife, Dina (Payton). After dispatching his boss in a staged accident, Barney gets both the wife and the plantation. Although Police Commissioner Taro (Chaney) suspects from the beginning that the accident was staged, he can?t get enough solid evidence to prove Chavez?s guilt. However, Chavez soon faces justice more severe than the law, as a twist in the plot proves that hell hath no fury like the mother of a woman scorned? particularly a mother who has access to deadly folk-magic. ?Bride of the Gorilla? occupies a space somewhere between an overblown melodrama and a horror film. Unfortunately, its story is a bit too thin and the characters way to stock to allow it to rise above the quality of the very feeblest of ?Tales from the Crypt?-type chillers. (The ending is also very remincent of those types of stories.) Given the material they have to work with, the actors all do a respectable job, but the reason one would have for watching ?Bride of the Gorilla? would be to admire the classic starlet beauty of Payton and Varga. There really isn?t anything else to recommend the film to modern audiences.

Aaron G (ag) wrote: I'll admit that film school ruined this one for me. Being told you have to like something OR ELSE makes a person not like something.

Another V (br) wrote: This epic story of a low IQ man with an above average optimism combined with determination, loyalty, and patriotism is very entertaining. Realistic? Not so much. Entertaining, yes.

John M (de) wrote: Bounty hunting has never been so badass. So this is about a pair of bounty hunters (Clint Eastwood, Lee Van Cleef) out in the West. The reward for the capture of notorious outlaw Indio (Gian Maria Volont) is plentiful, but can they work together when they are so used to operating solo? If you've been following me for the past few years, you know that the genre that I geek out hardest about is the Western. If you've been following me most recently, you've noticed that I've been watching some of my favorite films in my rotation, popping in movies simply because I feel like it instead of my usual high intake of current movies. Well, now the two have met, and I'm reviewing one of the best Westerns out there, For a Few Dollars More. This is the middle segment of what I believe to be the best trilogy of all time from a consistency basis. The Dark Knight is great, and Indiana Jones is fun (I don't know about this fourth movie you speak of), but they both have a movie that is noticeably lesser in quality. You can even say the same thing with Return of the Jedi, for that matter. The only other properties that I think you can make a valid argument for the best trilogy of all time are Toy Story and the Lord of the Rings, but for me, personally, I will take a Western any day of the week. There is no decline in quality, and I really get into these movies whenever I watch them, so much so that time fades away as I become indescribably absorbed with the story that I am taking in. One of my favorite high points about For a Few Dollars More is even though Eastwood gets the lion's share of the credit due to his clout, this is actually Lee Van Cleef's movie; he may be best known for being the antagonist from the unparalleled the Good, the Bad and the Ugly, but he can lead a movie, and does exactly that here. This is a trilogy that constantly fires on all cylinders. It is a team effort, as the iconic music from Morricone is just as important as Eastwood and director Sergio Leone. It is filled with these memorable showdowns, and you hold on to every single one of them. From the hat shooting scene to the match striking scene, from the heist itself to the final showdown that features a locket that plays music that will haunt your dreams, everything fits together in fantastic fashion. The Dollars trilogy boasts some of the best Westerns you will every witness, and I recommend all of them the same.

Michael M (de) wrote: Aims for good Kubrick. Finds a bad cross between David Lynch and John Waters.